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Thanks for checking it out Jupiter! Sorry we didn't get 2 player support into the game in time.

andyman404 - Thanks! Yeah, the AI was heavy on the A and lacking on the I.

oconnelljd1 - You're right! I had been using the gamepad more towards the end and didn't double check the keyboard keys. I've fixed up the keybindings and re-uploaded. You have to hold the B key for sacrificing for a full second, it's a lot more obvious with a gamepad, as it does a winding up vibration on the controller.

Discord user name: ghoofman, solo entry for #homeofnerds game jam

There was so much goodness in this. The corn explosion was so satisfying and then all of the hilarious floating text comments.

Carrot - "I'm having trouble seeing"

Tomato - "My bones hurt, wait I have bones?"

Definitely a very solid entry, though I've thoroughly enjoyed all of your past game jams as well. You got my vote.