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(Summarized version of what I have posted on steam) The art in the game is exquisite, even though I study fine art and aspire to make illustrations for video games, I don't think I can reach the level that the illustrator of this video game is at. The character design is brutal, the interiors and landscapes are perfectly defined and there is an impressive atmosphere.

The voice dubbing of the characters is sublime, it has been a joy to see again the character of Educated Child, I'd be lying if I told you that I did not jumped tears to hear him. It has had a sadder ending than some great movies like Titanic or Hachiko, it has been a turning point in my life the end of Educated Child's life, I hope he reappears in some way in your next creations. 

PS: The soundtrack is impeccable, you should upload a 10 hours extended version to youtube or Spotify.

PSS: Do you plan to sell any DVD copies?

PSSS:I have made some fanarts of the characters, I will upload the rest to twitter and I will mention you.

My goodness it was totally worth the wait. What a great production, graphics, dubbing and script. My congratulations my friend. Then I will make a more developed comment on the game page!!

Hello amigo, I'm very glad to see that you have continued with the innovative idea of the guinea pig simulator, maybe it's a little complicated to know that you are a guinea pig, it seems that you have two dildos in your hands and that can confuse the viewer that you are playing a porn game instead of a normal one.

There is little narrative, I think it would be necessary some information about why the guinea pig invites others to its cage (it could be to help each other to face the dangers of being a guinea pig alone in today's world).

Good graphics, my compliments.

I think you should make Guinea pig 2 a horror game amigo. being a guinea pig gives a lot of scope to create a horror atmosphere, maybe there is a ghost hamster that inhabited that same cage years ago.

Please takeraparterer have some seriousness with your own games. Very sillent hill vibes.

Without a doubt this is one of the best games I have played in a long time. It has a gripping atmosphere and without a doubt makes you feel like a guinea pig. 

I have not been able to pass level two but it has motivated me a lot, Without a doubt it has been a turning point in my life to put myself in the shoes of another living being and see the world from his point of view.

No amigo, I am a real fan of your work. i found you on with rat simulator. I have also played rat simulator 2 and the truth is that it is not as complete as the first one. There is more confusion regarding the scenery and the main character. I think you need to add some more plot to the game. 

Good game tho.

Amazing! Glad to know you are still around

Descubrí el juego hace unos días y es genial! Muchas ganas de ver que otras cosas haceis y como se desarrolla el proyecto :)

It's great, I'm looking forward to an English version!

I decided to risk installing it and it's great, but I can't know that I'm a rat other than believing you by telling me I'm a rat. You should put a mirror so that the players believe by themselves they are a rat, otherwise they might think I'm a grasshopper.

I made a drawing of Maria! Loved the game.

Me ha encantado! El diseño de personajes, la música, los colores, los diálogos, el hecho que puedas tocarle las tetas a todo el mundo... Me ha encantado, un trabajo genial!!

Me encantó este juego y el anterior, espero que sigas haciendo más juegos amigo. Sigo ansiosa por sus creaciones, se ve una gran calidad técnica y gráfica, quizás le falta algo de narrativa pero confio en sus habilidades.

Un saludo.

The download is broken my friend, I want to play it but I can't D:

Fundamentally, this is the greatest game ever created, and no other game can reach its caliber. When this doggo game was released, it raised the bar of the video game industry to a point where no other game could physically ever be better than this one, other than Doggo 1 itself. This is simply god’s gift to this world. I’ve had issues with depression for years, along with anxiety, suicidal thoughts, but you know what has kept me going? This amazing doggo game, and this is simply because this makes you superior to the rest of the human race. It stimulates your brain cells the more you play, with every key you press, the more power you receive. 

Thank you creator.

Great dialogue, I loved the game, it has certainly given a new approach to my life.

Best rat game of the website

I have no friends I can't play amigo

Hello, I am interested in the game but I wanted to know if it is a virus that can destroy my pc. 

Thank you very much.

Educated Child Games I hope you are well, I haven't heard from you in 6 months and I see that there are no new games or updates, are you still well my friend???? 

I have shown your game to all my friends and they love it, I wish there were more videogame creators like your friend. Best graphics, best voice actor. my 10/10 I hope you are well and the covid has not taken its toll on you.

: sticker of face with sunglasses:

Thanks Educated Child Games, I'll be waiting

I would like to play it but I don't understand italiano :(

Let's go, you can do it! here I will be watching for your updates as a fan number one of your games : sticker of face with sunglasses:

Are you okey?!

Omg this is amazing

I really liked the art of the game, the illustrations are beautiful and the story is interesting!!

Buen inició aludiendo al Quijote, es bastante entretenido, solo que me hubiera gustado poder rejugarlo para ver el resto de opciones (al acabarlo aun recargando la página no se recarga el juego en si).

Very original concept, i like it!

good plot but I feel it lacked depth and character development

Thank god, I'm glad to hear that!!

Have you stopped making games?!?! D:

I tried to play but when I open this page an error pop up! D:

Hahah what an amazing idea, a really nice version of Paper please, funnier without a doubt

Really amazing aesthetic and atmosphere. I really like the story.

Un juego increíble, se nota el esfuerzo en la evolución de personajes y diálogo, sin duda ha sido espectacular!!!


Hello! I loved your game, the sound effects are certainly unique and very original, as well as the development of the script.

the metaphysical feeling in the game is very intense and I like that. Please keep making more games. Here you have a new fan, the game has very memorable characters!!