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Are you okey?!

Omg this is amazing

I really liked the art of the game, the illustrations are beautiful and the story is interesting!!

Buen inició aludiendo al Quijote, es bastante entretenido, solo que me hubiera gustado poder rejugarlo para ver el resto de opciones (al acabarlo aun recargando la página no se recarga el juego en si).

Very original concept, i like it!

good plot but I feel it lacked depth and character development

Thank god, I'm glad to hear that!!

Have you stopped making games?!?! D:

I tried to play but when I open this page an error pop up! D:

Hahah what an amazing idea, a really nice version of Paper please, funnier without a doubt

Really amazing aesthetic and atmosphere. I really like the story.

Un juego increíble, se nota el esfuerzo en la evolución de personajes y diálogo, sin duda ha sido espectacular!!!


Hello! I loved your game, the sound effects are certainly unique and very original, as well as the development of the script.

the metaphysical feeling in the game is very intense and I like that. Please keep making more games. Here you have a new fan, the game has very memorable characters!!

I can do a professional drawing for the cover art of this game if you want!!!!!!!

I think this is a game we all needed to play, climate change is real and it will kill us sooner as we think if we don't do anything to avoid it. Nice game.

Hello! Pogo Pogo-san I'm a big fan of your game. As a avid gamer I've never tried such an amazing game where the backstory is so well established. I feel really represented with the fox, I mean I always get critiques because of being a furry. I haven't tried to show my true form to my family but I think this game gave me the courage I needed.

Thank you so much Pogo! You've change my life, never stop making games please.

I love your thoughts on video games nowadays and on the consumers of these!