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OK, I will try. Thank you.

hi, i'm happy to hear your answer. 

I meaned, I think I was landed in two different endings. I guess they are two results after the final fight. I really want to understand the whole story and the philosophy in this game. I believe, there's more behind just the playing.

PS, i really like your digital aestatic. So spiritual 3D making up. Hope to play more your new game.

The one was a tiny figure walking through a path before historical and documentary images background, with some writing essay. The other was that you fall back to the hell before a grave stone. I think one was win, other was fail. One was live one was die. But am I right?

Beautiful!! Expect more plants

Why i just see code? I can't get it start!! How to play? Need tutorial or something wrong???

I just played this game on A-maze and it's the only one that i rated. A friend and i fuond two endings. I really want to understand the whole sympols, like the creatures on the last pictures. Is there a background story about it?