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Ghazi Otaibi

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we need more but nice work keep up what u do best

this game is so porng y

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we want the full game like wtf that is not cool pro

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i cant finsh the game way it is so hard it is like ther is no end

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pro the game is fine im in day 2 now

pro this is crazy and creepy but that is what like nice story keeb the good work because you are genius pro it is 2020 but stil a good game

1 hour por i just played about 9 hours verey nice i cant for new updet

so if u dont like this game way u play pro i like this games it is fun for me but i guus not for u hehehe

me to

this game hosted on an incompatible third party website !!!!!!

cool cant wait

nice game bruh

Time to delete this borng game because  lack of choices im really angry about that 

this game is not wprking y is that how i can fixst

im so angry way this game is to shrot i like long story games u knew do a long noe for the boys ok bomer