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Hi, sorry for late reply, and thank you for your purchase. Im glad you like them. Yes i may add them but im still not sure when, stay tuned for more updates!

Hi, i just want to let you know that the game dev version has been updated. You can check it out now.

hi, no it does not contain any battlers, and sprites. But it does contain a face icon each monster at 32px.

Hi, some of them are compatible with RPG maker, while others are not. 2 rows are compatible (handgun), since they are 32px. 

Hi, the icons already fixed in the latest version. You can update them via itch client.

hi, thank you for noticing this error. Will be fixed tomorrow.

please check your expiry date on your card, that might be the problem. If persists, contact your bank.

I think you can pay another way with paypal account.

Hi, yes i will update at gamedev as well soon.

Im afraid you have to wait for sale again, probably next month . I apalogize for the inconvenience.

hi, can you check with your paypal account ? If problem persists please contact support.

Thank you, glad you like it. Stay tuned for another 16px update!

Hi. Thanks, glad you like them. wow my bad, i will look into it.

thank you. Glad you like it.

Hi, the update is now available. you can download the update via itch client.

Hi, there is no guns in this pack but there is another in my store. I sell guns separately.

Hi, thank you. Im glad you like it.

Hi, thank you for the puchase. This asset does not contain any name list. You can use credit or itch page just fine.

Hi, thank you. Yes its free to use comercially once purchased.

Hi, the skill icons are included in the icon pack.

hi, a 16px version is very unlikely to be added. 

Hi. Yes i have plan to have a free update of the icons, but dont have any plan to add an outline. You can do that in image editing software.

thank you very much for your purchase. Look forward to my next work

hi, i apologize for inconvenience. Currently i just accept paypal as payment. 

Hello, yes this asset can be used for your commercial project. No there are no guns here at all.

hi, thank you.

hello. Yes, the image shown in the preview is all of the icons. there's nothing more than that. and the fantasy icon pack has a few spells.

hello. Spell icon is in other pack.

hello, this pack does not have anvil.

Hi, thank you!

hello, thank you. I did not use specific color palette.

Hi, thank you :)

Hi, thank you :)

hello, if you already bought the asset, you can click the bottom most link that says "i already paid for this" you can read there for more info.

hi, thank you for your purchase. Sorry, but i have no idea about separate payments. Instead, you can buy this asset one at a time so you have to buy twice. I guess this site not allow asset to be sold several copies at a time.

Hey, sorry but no. you can wait for sale :)

Hello, thank you very much for your purchase :) . Look forward to my next work