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Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

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Aiden here, I really enjoyed working on this project. I'm really proud of the work we've put in as well as the end product. We'd love to hear your feedback! We hope you enjoy the game!

Aiden here, I for one really enjoyed working on this project. It was a great experience and i'm proud of the final product. We would love to know your thoughts, so if you have a comment please by all means leave a comment! We hope you enjoy the game!

I tried both versions and the settings didn't save in either, I'll try again but last time it didn't work :/

PLEASE let me turn off the filters and vfx- I know the option is there but it doesn't do anything. I would love this game to death if my eyes didn't explode.

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Mr. Dev fella, please continue working on this game because i'd love to see it in a more finished form, it's fun but there's still a little jank in the way it feels, and the overall introduction and presentation kinda require the player to already know what they're getting into... Other than that, and the lack of color, from a gameplay/gamefeel point of view, the game is really clean and I respect the grind.

Yeah, some more color would be great to see, game seems very washed out and grey as of now. Some sort of tinted lighting might also be nice.

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Lovely little game. looking twords next year, tbg's gonna be interesting...

same, really hyped for this game- the devs are doing an excellent job with it.


then I will wait for a couple of years, it'll be worth it

My highest is 115105,

Cool concept, it plays smoothly and it looks great too!

The fact that you can whip something up like this in 36 hours makes me more hyped for the next sub game :D keep up the good work!