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hi! i'm not sure if this was a placeholder or not, but there is no download link! i'd love to read what you've done, and look forward to seeing it! the art is very, very cute.

i really loved this!! the mechanics were easy to understand/intuitive to me, and i loved figuring out what each spell did. the color schemes were just great, and the music was perfect for the style. thank you so much for this game!!

i really really liked this approach- even cryptids have problems!! i look forward to whatever cryptids you choose to put in the therapy chair next!! thank you!

tatzelwurm's blep.................................................... warmed my heart......... thank you so much for this game, it was super cute and i loved going thru each possible combinations!! 

oh man, this was really sweet! you have a gift at expressing emotion and narration without any words, and i love the simplicity of the cryptid design. thank you so so much for making this, i really loved it!

firstly, i'd like to thank you for introducing me to spindlewheel! it seems like a super super cool system that i'd like to try out sometime. secondly- the idea of a group of people building a cryptid, their own story, seems soooo cool i love it so so much! especially as maybe even a world-building resource!

 thank you for this- i'll definitely try it for myself sometime very soon.

i really liked the Mood of this, ethereal and raw in its delivery. the pov transition being signaled by bg color change was a nice nice touch, and really helped me keep track of voices.

thank you for making this!!

this was pretty funny!! i liked the art-style (reminded me of school-house rock a little???) and i definitely laughed at like.......... the mosquito coil, man. good stuff. thank you for making this!

this is a really cool and unique way to tackle the Florida Man mythos, with potential for hilarity and horror in equal measure. definitely gonna see if i can run this some day- thank you for making it!

i was wondering if someone would do a game about the loveland frog, and i'm so happy you did! this is really cool for your first unity game- it runs really smoothly, and i never felt like, cheated when a copper caught me.

super cool, light, and fun to play! thank you!

i really liked this!! subtly devious concept- not a lot of people know about the fae, names, and the prices therein, so it was cool to see a game touch on that!!

the music was pleasant, i really liked the in-text messages (they were clear in intent- like irene's text, i could tell via font change, for instance) and man... i gotta say, that purple is a beautiful shade.

all in all, thank you for this game!! i had a good time with it, and well, managed to keep my name! ;)

this is really beautiful! i love the pops of color in the red (the mothman's piercing gaze!!!) and the golden lettering, sort of reminiscent of a fairy-tale book for me. the border-work is fine, and detailed, delicate in places and bold in others. all in all, really really nice. evokes the mood of something ancient and cataloged thru time, if that makes sense?

thank you!

this is such a cute idea for a ttrpg, and so accessible that anyone could pick it up and play. love it!!

this concept is great- simple, punchy, and we can all relate to a kid being afraid of the dark. it's very easy to slip into rhythm with the swaying of the light, but the constantly moving bear (which is, somehow, very creepy) provides enough of a challenge to where you can't just breeze through it. thank you for making this!! i had a lot of fun!

as a sucker for horror-y ttrpgs, i love love love this concept. esp the idea of spending "turmoil" to succeed at an action but, yknow, the facilitator getting to punish(?) that. the actual dice degradation is a great touch too. 

cool idea!!! i definitely want to try and run it some day!

i love this- the pun is genius, and the music is... perhaps... amazing. thank you so much for making this, it was a great time to play!!

i loved the expression on the flashlight-wielder, it was super charming! also: i love the upside-down shark looking ghosts. very nice!!!

hi!! i really liked this- the colors were really pleasing to look at, and i liked the lil animations quite a bit! the concept of parasitical mermaids was super interesting, and a cool take on something we all know. (i especially liked the touch about your stomach being upset when you interact with the food.)

keep up the good work, and i can't wait to see what you come up with next!