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Apologies, they are available now :)  I hope you enjoy!

Scratch that - inspiration has started up again :)

Thank you :)

At least for now… I will probably do a bug fix release at some point but will likely port this over to GB Studio 3 to continue progress.

I love this game!  Will the Dreamcast CDI be available to download soon?

Thanks man - For me, I enjoyed the challenge of getting something done within the timeframe. I am working on another game but it’s gone into to many ideas hell and this has helped me re-focus :-)

Glad you thought it was fun.

Awesome news, thank you :)

Makes sense... thanks for keeping it in.  

looks like a cool entry… I plan to give it a go along with the other submissions :-)

Well,  for those interested, I did upload my "submission" along with screenshots, video, box and cartridge label art :)  Check it out if you're interested...

Magic and Legend: Time Knights by Ghamson (

Also added a future plans / roadmap into the description.

thanks … I look forward to playing the submissions :-)


This was my first jam ever and reading through the community I clearly hadn’t read all the rules as I the player sprites and music came from free resources.

Game: Magic & Legend: Time Knights

As a result, feel free to disqualify as appropriate. 

Anyway… it’s been a ton of fun learning and getting something done to a deadline.

thanks for the fun


hey ya, I see you’ve announced a physical copy coming soon.  Will the full digital version be made available here on itch or via the website?

go with the latest (0.18) - a big update is coming soon ish but it’s taking longer than I expected.  This version will help you get a feel for the game.

thanks for your interest :-)

This sounds awesome - thanks for all the details and I look forward to playing it on release :

Hi, I saw this is coming out as a physical version... do you know if a rom version will be offered at some point?

awesome, I will be purchasing on release :)

I am really looking forward to the release of this.  On the web-site it states it is available to pre-order... when is the full version likely to be released?  I would like to by multiple and save on postage (make the DHL cost to the USA worth while basically

This is awesome... I see on the website it is available to pre-order.  Is there an approx. timeline for the full release?

v0.9 now uploaded:


- Foxes in the California level behave better now
- After Game Over or Completion, the game goes back to the character selection screen.

Thanks to HenrysHeadSpace for the suggestions.

Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback... I had noticed the enemies not quite working too and I plan to attempt to address that in the next release.

Going straight to the character screen on game over is a great idea.  I need to rework somethings to achieve that but I see no reason that it wouldn't work.

I really appreciate the constructive feedback, thank you.

is the 8bit NES version available to buy from the Kickstarter?