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I think I'd best not, then. My adventures are  nonviolent because they're high-trust (which means, in part, the adventures presume no vector of solution to the problems presented, and doesn't use problems where a given solution is optimal, so there's never an advantage to solving problems violently, so PCs almost never do), but maybe if I have some spare time I'll whip something up explicitly for the jam.

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I've got two adventures available where there is no supposition of violence by the PCs, but I'm not sure if that qualifies. At any rate they're good adventures; these days I always design without such presumptions; there are no pre-planned "fight scenes" in my work since I left the industry years ago.

(That said, neither were created explicitly for the jam, so that may make them inappropriate for it)

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A very attractive use of my Gelio font! Makes me proud to see it =)

Such strong writing in this. Sorry to see it's a dead thing =(

I gave this a shot, but got a tech error. I suspect my T3 'terp is out of date =( Will try again with another 'terp.

Oh wow =)

I don't understand half the code, but the part I understand has some admirable ambition =)