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That's great!

I have some advice for you: You should try making a good post describing your game, your reason(s) of making it, your goals, etc. Include some screenshots and a link of the game as well. Then submit the post to r/IndieGaming on Reddit. 

This way, you'll get more players. But try to make a good post.  :)

I mean, saving the game shouldn't require a consumable item.

Thanks for not giving up on the game!

Please bring back the save everywhere option. Believe me, not having a save-anywhere feature is too big of a negative point. There are several games which I've stopped playing because of not having a save anywhere option. I'm sure the majority of players will have the same opinion. Maybe add a "Nightmare" (high-difficulty) mode where there's no save anywhere option. But for now, please bring back the save option. It really kills the fun.

The link says "We were unable to find this broadcaster."

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I'm from a third world country myself (India) and I understand.

I would have loved to donate but at present I'm a student with no source of income.  I think that the best bet for you would be to find a good job and work on the game as a hobby and devote as much time as you can.

Which country do you live in? I think PayPal is available in most countries.

I think that you should post about your game on Reddit (on a proper subreddit). It should help you to get your game the attention it deserves from the gaming community.

I hope both of your dreams come true! It's really inspiring to see someone working so hard on a game not for monetary gain but so that people can enjoy playing it.

That was good to know!

As much as I want to play the game right now, I'm not able to download it at the moment because currently I'm at an area with a bad internet connection. I will download it as soon as I get to an area with a decent connection.

Why don't you start a Kickstarter campaign to get your game on Steam? Since your game world is huge, you can reward the backers by letting them create their own NPCs, side quests or areas. I think that would be great and there will be a significant amount of interested people who would love to play a sandbox life-sim RPG with a huge open world and tons of content!

Hello, I just found this game and the description seems very promising. The life sim + open world RPG combination is very interesting and it is something which I have been looking for. Can't wait to play it!

How much work is left until the full game can be released?

Also, I think that you should change the font of the dialogues into a more readable (and clean) one. Just a suggestion.


Axu community » General Chat · Created a new topic First Impressions

I downloaded the game just to check out what it was about, but I got instantly hooked to it! It's really a great game. The UI is very intuitive, the graphics/tilesets are detailed + charming and there are no complex controls for which I avoid most open-world/sandbox roguelikes. But there are bugs which make the game almost unplayable like the hotkeys/clicks not responding at random moments, which can only be solved currently by exiting and reloading the game. It has happened many times during my short 1 hour session, after completing the first (tutorial) quest.

Eagerly looking forward to the release of the full game!