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can you make this save-able?

its "incremental" not "idle" and it did not specify "idle" its "game".

A float value is int values / numbers with more decimal point.

it is a great game By the way how many things there is?

(1 edit)

i just hope that the webgl runs on my ipad

Edit: it worked


Is there a win 32bit build i cant use this computer too often


Logical Path community · Created a new topic I love it

I love this game plz update

I want to try can you pls make a wins 32 version


Update more plz

How to get a point?

Maybe save game??

Love it! Try to make more


is it available for win 32

hope for more!

Can you plz make  a demo

Love to see an update again, pretty fun! But some errors you might need to fix:

1. When I press M then I press U in the main menu, it will give an error and the only way to fix is to exit the game.

2. When I go to the end when dragging box it will give an error also.

GG, this tip is so helpful [facepalm]

GG, I just want to play more.

how to fix the breastplate sigil and the dagger serpent

can you update the wins 32 version(like please)

A cool game.I recommend to add beach, ocean, humans, color change, skins(ancient, futuristic, etc.)

how to start?

Can you make a wins 32 version? I want to play it.

is this game support wins 32?