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Hey, so idk if this is an issue with my phone or with the game but it keeps on crashing multiple times and even if i clean the cache, it'll still do this. Do you know any way i could fix this?? Thanks

Ok thanks 馃檹

Anyone else have the issue of some character's heads or bodies Dissapearing or is it just me?

anyone know when the update is being released?

ok thanks for that. its nice knowing a demon isnt gonna come out of my screen and eat me lol

i just came across what seemed to be a bug. basically, on day 19 of tai's route, when the protagonist, tobias and diego are talking, the  sprites for diego and tobias kina duplicated and inverted colour like some demonic person. idk whether anyone else had this or if its just my device

When are you planning to release 'Tales from Woodcrest'?