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ty for reading!! >:3c

What a powerful story! Kudos for being able to tell such a emotional story with compelling characters. It's got the perfect mix of tension and drama, and has really touching moments as well.  This is definitely one I'll be thinking about for ages after.

This was an absolute blast to play through and I had a smile on my face the entire time! I /adored/ Clyde and Fennel, their banter was a delight to read.

all the transitions and effects! Wow!!! I'm so inspired to have more fun with my own coding/transitions now. This is such a wonderful game and I cannot wait to play the full version.

ah thank you so much for your comment and that you enjoyed this! ;w; it's been a delight to see people's reactions.

I'm happy you liked the toy scene - since it was the first scene to be written and my favorite as well!

The ending! It felt like a cardinal VN sin to cut it there - but when it calls for it, you have to end it.

Thanks again for taking the time to play, and look forward to more VNs in future!

Thank you for leaving such a kind comment ;w; I'm happy Claire's... teenage desperateness came off well! She's charming in her own way.

And yes, it does take place in Ireland!

I finished this last night, the story completely gripped me so I had to play it until the very end!

First of all, congratulations on making this. It's hard to make a game by yourself, but it clearly is a labor of love. Everything is so polished and unique. It's a joy to see how cohesive the whole game is. I loved the speechbubbles! I've never seen them before, and they added so much.

The story is fantastic. I was with Magda 100%, I even yelled at the screen a few times so she'd run away or not trust someone. The tension was superb, I was on my edge of my seat at the second assembly. Adored Nils, what a brilliant character! I hope the two end up happy together despite it all.

I didn't expect to go relive my school days - I had a similar time at school (though not as badly as poor Magda, poor pet). So the ending was cathartic in a way I wasn't expecting, the messiness and thrill of revenge Magda goes through is something my teen self would've loved.

Bad Faith is something I'll come back to again, the emotions and story are so tight. Here's to your continued success! can't wait to see what's next : )

An amazing resource! thank you so much for sharing :o)