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This really looks like Plantera, is it similar? The description sounds like it's more complex

If I buy the game here, will I get a steam key when it releases on steam? I want to support it but I'm scared the updates will happen on steam and I won't have that version

Oh thanks!

One of my favourite P8 games!

Good graphics, good sound design, good theme and most importantly - Awesome gameplay!

I've seen that there is a raspi version which I could use on my RetroPie but I already have set up a Pico-8 in EmulationStation to run p8.png carts from my p8 folder, would you consider having a p8 version? I know it gives away the code, but you can always uglyfy and minify it. Maybe put the p8 as a reward for donating?

Questions about paid version: Is it playable with controller? Is the release an standalone or do I need a browser to play it? Can I play it in fullscreen? Is it short, medium or long game compared to for example Metroid Fusion?

I'm thinking of getting it, I really really liked the demo and I wouldn't have problem paying even the full price for this game, but those questions needs aswers please! (mostly the length one, as I don't want to end the game just when I'm having the most fun)

I'm interested in this, but I have one question: Do I get the cart when buying? Even if the code is uglyfied, minified and all that, I only want the cart to play on a device that only runs pico 8 carts

Hey this and LowMemSky are my favourite pico8 games. Thanks for improving it even more, from awesome to awesomer!

No problem, I understand these things take time and effort to fix and not always work from the first time

I got this Fantasy Console on the bundle. I've already own Pico-8 for some time and played with Tic-80 and others. I have some experience with computers (I am a dev myself) but I can't seem to find a way to make the drive option work on the console.

My steps:

1 - I download the zip and extract it

2 - I read the manual to check if there's something I have to do before running. I run pq93 as I'm impatient for seeing what it has to offer. I play with it a bit.

3 - I run folder command and sends me to My Documents. None the folder I created nor the .p93 are there. I find them in %appdata%/Roaming/paq/pq93/ (Win8.1).

4 - I don't know if I have to place the config.txt inside that pq93/ or on paq/ (in the same level as pq93 folder). I have tried both.

5 - I write the the commands #config.txt [\n here] drive=F:/Gex/blah/blah/blah I've also tried with drive="F:/....." to check if it needs quotes. It doesn't work.

Its made in Pico-8, a fantasy console.

Btw I'm not the author, just some random dude that was passing by

It's really relaxing! I love it! Will there be a Cart version? I'd like to download it and play offline in my P8

One suggestion: Make the chickens merge at the position of the last chicken selected instead of the first, that way if you want to merge the result with a new one you have the white box already on top of it

I'm playing this on 2020 too, I love the new visuals! And the physics (or what I guess by the gif) looks good, that drifting without gravity... Wipeout 3 would be proud!

The store page says its not finished, but it looks like it isnt being worked on. I'd gladly pay for this if it was finished or will become finished sometime. I am interested in full soundtrack and full ship teams designed (do they have story behind the ship? do pilots have name and story? do the ship look different aside from colors?).

Of course tracks are important but if they are already playable that's not bad for me

Thanks in advance!