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oh please. Every single game developer on sites like this do the same song and dance. When people have paid, and backed  project, you dont get to say "my brain feels funny" and shut down a project. People like you want zero accountability and THATS the biggest problem with developers like this.  If youre a mentally unstable person, or just unstable in life, you dont kickstart, and fully fund a project, then disappear for a long time. Grow up.

so basically you like the game, but would love for them to change a very deliberate choice because you dont like humans amongst beast men? What a weird, self centered critique.

which a year later looks like never.  Just another creator who cant follow through with a project.

The third option down is Preferences and once you click on it you can change the language to English in that menu.

got too invested in this one. From now on Im not really gonna start any of these VNs until Im confident the creator has the right mindset to finish it.

I need to stop getting excited about these projects. Almost all end with the creator not seeing it through.

I appreciate you asked this so I dont waste my time. I like furry stuff for smut, thats my preference. i dont need a 75k word novel about feelings. thanks.

The amount of abandoned NSFW stuff that looks promising is staggering.

Stop making excuses for people

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That was the best response your troglodyte brain could come up with? If you could actually read, he clearly said he backed the Patreon.

Really looking forward to this one, and its from a group that actually finishes their games soooo now Im doubly excited. haha

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I refuse to support these developers anymore, and glad I didnt support this. I hate to say it but devs are gonna have a harder and harder time getting their games backed if they have no history of successful releases because so many projects take money and dont deliver. Between this, AMAP, and a few others, these guys just refuse to even give updates and its absolute garbage. If you took money from people, you owe them an explanation, plain and simple. I see a LOT of devs blame physical and mental health, which is fine if you are transparent and honest with your backers, but too many of these guys cut and run and then fall back on "poor me" excuses. We all would be understanding, but not after HALF A YEAR of no response. 

Its amazing to me how many projects like this are just kinda left in the wind for the creator to get to "when they feel like it." I have worked on several adult VNs and when it comes to the gay/furry/bara/BL creators, they are always the hardest to get things done with. They start super pumped, then lose interest and then almost always blame it on mental or physical health.  I would say about 60 percent of the "straight" VNs get done while the LGBT stuff is MAYBE around 10 to 15 percent. it sucks cuz projects like this I REALLY like.

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This is one of the cringiest "look at me" posts ever. To imply racism because a dark skinned person was the bad guy is trite, tired, and completely crazy. You didnt even deserve the INITIAL apology to be quite honest and you seem like an absolute train wreck of a person. I feel bad for this developer that they even TRIED to respond to you in a positive way. You dont want positivity, you want drama. Youre the worst kind of person imaginable and I dont believe you were truly hurt by this game at all. Grand stand someplace else, this game was AWESOME.

P.S. I AM a person of color who also bought the bundle. I found ZERO offense from this characters portrayal. Also, the assumption people of color CANT be villians anymore due to this cancel culture you seem to perpetuate is, you guessed it, much more racist than what this developer did. But that shouldnt even matter quite frankly.

Is there any CGs or NSFW content in this? Or is it just more a cute dating sim?

any update?

This is honestly the best written and illustrated furry VN in development atm. Its funny, honest, and makes sense. Thank you!