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Really polished entry, I found it quite hard to understand what impact my actions had (if any) on the puzzles when there was multiple "wires" between buttons and obstacles.

Great atmosphere in this game, and the gameplay fits the theme really good. I enjoyed the ending as well.

Great theme and nice polish with the menu, setting and pause button.

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah the game has a difficulty curve like Xcom where loosing a soldier (stalk) early makes it really difficult to catch up. And having a good start snowballs and makes it almost too easy.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, especially with few stalks there are not alot to do with the current implementation.

Great, thanks for the instructions!

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I've tried editing it with a new link.

Incredibly polished game and it keeps me entertained even with a pretty simple gameplay. The sheer amount of content is also impressive.

I quite enjoy the atmosphere and the humor in this. I didn't really know what I was doing, just spam clicking stuff and got rewarded with a victory so I'm happy!

Great feel and hectic gameplay where a FPS is more than just point and click

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Tack för feedbacken! Och ja det blev lite featurecreep så var tvungen att skippa "fokus target" genom klicka på fiender och att manuellt kunna skicka tillbaka flygplanen för tanka.

Tack ska du ha :) Hade tänkt att "basplanen" skulle fylla ut till 8 men ändrade mig sista dagen och kanske inte balanserade att ge fler flygplan i belöning.

Thank you for the feedback! You are correct that the % done could have done with a more noticeable progress bar.

Thanks for the feedback! Indeed it is a soda can for the collision effects (and Pepsi in a bottle for the Lawnmower-into-the-pool effect (not that I think anyone really played that far!)

Nice polish with the ball switching colour to the same as the player that touched it and some sweet tunes. It also fit the theme really well

Thank you, I'm glad that you stuck with it a couple of runs without too much frustration :)

Thank you for the feedback. It was indeed created for mobile since my goal was to learn to build for mobile. That's why the controls are really sparse with only 2 modes, "Full throttle" or "slam the brake!" based on current touch-Y-position vs previous touch Y-position

Thank you for playing and your feedback. I guess I should have added some indicators for how close to converting the enemies were (soundwaves with the wrong pitch/song gave negative "hype" making it really difficult to convert them).

Thanks! I'm glad to hear it, the levels was a bit lacking. Its just never enough time to make everything!