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I love this kind of game, the PS 1 style make it more creepier lmao. Keep up the good work dev, can't wait for your next game !

Roses are red,
She is random ,
I just played this game,
and it was awesome (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Scare the shit out of me LOL and the sound that's pretty creepy. Can't wait for your next game dev

Now I know how to make a cup of tea, thank you dev

It was great, and the driving it feels like the road is very slippery. I know you can make it better if you have more time making this game. Can't wait for your next game haha :D

If you have a garage, just make sure it's closed okay

I love the combat mechanics, art style, and of course the tree animation that was really nice XD. Can't wait for your next game to see the improvement especially on the combat mechanics :D

Kinda creepy, Interesting story and that ending was unexpected

Like your description this is a short and absurd adventure game but the ridiculousness of the game make me laugh over and over XD. I really enjoyed the music, U MUST UPLOAD IT ON SPOTIFY !! 

This game is MASTERPIECE, can't wait for your next game haha :D

Is the train taking the passenger to the afterlife ? Was I already dead ? Did I accidentally enter the another world ? Did she jump out of the moving train ? 

I love how this game makes me think about all the possibilities that can happen

Can't wait for your next game hby :D

I love the atmosphere created by the combination of the art and the music.

It feel calm and creepy at the same time. Can't wait for your next piece of art :D

The graphics and the music is outstanding. Can't wait for your next masterpiece !!!