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thanks man!

i love this game so much! does anybody know any similar games? 

do you know of anymore game that are like this?

bro i wanna play the game with the new animations so bad. i cant wait for this new possible update imma play it non-stop

lucky us;)

i love this game so much and i cant wait for more well done!!

i really loved this game and was wondering if it was still being worked on?

bruh im so hyped and glad that hes doing alright now aswell

i dont mean to sound rude or pushy but does the next update have a intended release date? Also i hope you recovered from your illness and this is also a very great game keep up the great work!

technically today lol

i love this game

i hope development is going well for the next update as this game is the best i have played in  awhile

im hoping they continue this game aswell hopefully soon


i personally cant wait for the next update. This game is so good and well made in my opinon i love it

my guess is either never or quite awhile

so sad the game is dead it had so much potential

got any idea of when its finished now?

i think every to come

i love this game cant wait for next update

will 1.0.0 be free soon?

when is next update done?

i can't wait to play this amazing game i hope everything goes well with it

hey hows the next update coming along?

(sorry if that sounds rude i don't mean it like that)


still exited for next update


cant wait for next update

when is next update?

so sad its not free to play

still waiting for futa mod

how do you get the different skins?

good luck :)

i hope he is still working on the game because the concept of it and the scenes are so cool and i would love to play more of it. if he has time of off it i understand

will there be a demo soon? i really would love to try it but im kinda skint right now and wont get paid until the end of the month

oh right sorry i didn't know about your condition hope you get well soon and take your time with the game

cant wait sounds so good

is there any new scenes in update 0.4.6

when is the next playable update? Im really exited for it

when is next update? just curious btw