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Wow I love this so much! Definitely buying it when it comes out!! I did not expect the world building to be so deep. I haven't finished the demo but I am especially enjoying Joi's storyline and learning about her robot community. I love how it plays in a little window, gives it a vibe like a super-intricate polly pocket! I am also impressed by the way the game makes you unlock new content/game features at what seems like just the right pace to keep things interesting.

I am curious, is Peach from the coffee shop the manager or someone else we meet eventually?

I keep getting stuck on ledges that don't lead anywhere. How do I detach myself from a wall? :'(

For some reason I really like the feeling of accumulating  their notes and presents and looking back at their collections. Also deeply touched whenever I recieved a Leeroy flower

Awesome! The fiction suggested by the title made this 10x extra fun to watch and wonder about