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Thank you for your fast response.

So I realized that this must be a weird memory leak issue that I still don't understand. You can see it in the video, that after I modify a variable that is not even referenced, the FPS decreases significantly. When I put the repeat loops in comment, the FPS goes back to the normal value, but I don't understand why, since the loops did not decrease the FPS until I modified something.

Check out this short clip: 

And this is the code: you can see, in the debugger there is a spike in memory usage and that is when the FPS starts to drop. Before that, the memory usage stays at a constant level. Does the GMS VM have a memory limit or something? Do I need to increase the memory limit somehow? How does putting the repeat loop inside a comment fix this problem?

I tested it with the old inventory's Draw GUI event too,( which is way more complicated with more loops) and the results were the same.

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Hi, I just purchased GMlive and I'm using it with a pretty big project. I created a simple object to test it, and I realized that after I alt+tab out of my game and modify anything in my code (the Draw GUI  event in this case), the FPS drops significantly. ( From 350 - 400 FPS to 70FPS). The FPS stays decreased until I recompile my game, but if I put the whole content of the Draw GUI  event in a comment live, it climbs back to the normal value.

I thought that the if(live_call()) return live_result; calls are affecting the performance but then I realized that the FPS drops only after I modify the Draw GUI event at least once and I save it live. Is this normal?

EDIT: I made some testing, it looks like it only happens with the Draw GUI event.