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Georgio Klironomos

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Very cool! I love this alternate history stuff, and this taught me a lot about this period of German politics. Thanks for making this!

High Score: 117857

So radical!! Love the elegance of a 1-button skating game. And the Sonic Adventure 2 intro cutscene is so incredible. Excellent game, can't wait to see the further adventures of Ollie!

Another banger, please keep making great games!

This is so much fun!!!

wow this is incredibly cool

You make the coolest games!

wow this looks incredible! Great showing for your first Godot project!

wow this is devious hahah

On it! 🫡

incredible experience. I'll get that #1 highscore someday

This was so fun to play! Very excited for the full release!

Very fun!

The art here is mindblowing, and that moment with the eyes.. incredible stuff all around! 

This is so good and so so funny!

really fun!

Super cool! I can use this to impress my bird friends and my birding friends

hell yeah this is awesome!

really great!

woah cool backpack

great game!

Very fun!

It's so pretty!

Thanks for the heads up! We'll look in to this

glimby has shrunk and wormed her way into my heart, where she then grew and exploded me. 10/10

1 hr 1 min 25 sec

2047 clicks

No hints!

Another spectacular set of puzzles, and it all looks phenomenal!!! I love your games so much, please keep making them!!

Bumping this, i had the opposite problem of not being able to see the wand haha

Very neat! Took me a little to get a hang of the rules, but I love the sounds and visuals.

Awesome stuff, love the music and the writing!

devious (complimentary), what a clever idea

Finally saw the ending, this may be my favorite game of yours, so wonderful

great game! And great music too!

Woohoo, finally beat it! Great game!

You make the best games on itch, such great stuff!

Cat's Cradle is only Local Co-op, apologies! You might be able to use Parsec, but we haven't tested that

Really fun, and great vibes! The looks and music are really great

So so cool! Love how much style is packed into this game, any chance we'll see more games like this?

This looks great! Will a Mac port some at anytime?

This is already so fun to play! Love the visuals and juiciness, excited to play the final version!

So so good! Really well made dreadful atmosphere, and also super fun to play!

Sorry about that! Could you tell me what browser you're using, and what version of that browser?