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What does "pure harem" mean, that you had to remove scenes? 

What about Steam? 

This update coming to Steam? 

Do you have yuri scenes included in the game?

Any scenes yet with the Native American woman? 

Do you have a Patreon? 

I want to get this game, but is their a lot of options for the fem MC? 

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IDK how to play the game, I hit play game and it takes me to a screen with an image I can't click on and a save slot I can't use? 

We're do you extract the patch in the game folder? 

Do you have a discord? 

Are their elements of mind control in this game?

Got the new update, but my saves didn't transfer. 

Understand you're still human, thank you for the update. 

Will we be getting more content for the dungeon, maybe capturing enemy agents for interrogation. 

So only the patreon version will be censored, not the one on the other platform?

This was a great special and I loved the focus on Debbie, I think their is great potential to have more specials focused on her or when you finish updating the main game, maybe develop a sequel focused on her running a school.

Praise be!!

I really enjoy the scenes where it's just the girls interacting with one another, it's pretty enjoyable when their actions aren't always connected to Senpai. Would love to see yuri scenes in the future, if it's something the author is interested, seeing as so many of the girls are interested in one another.

Know the developers have been talking about it, don't know if they have a time estimate.