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The game is really good. But I found some issue: when I press esc while I am in the option menu it doesn't disappear but I can play with it in the middle of the screen (which is obviously the way it isn't meant to be played). Then when I press esc and choose options nothing happens. All that I can do it whether leave to the main menu or leave the game to start over again.

Option button in main menu doesn't work. It will be great to have a back button in the character choosing screen. Also for some reason I can start any mission I want (not only first) but there are no other missions, game only starts the first level. Also I have infinite number of lifes and final screen of the level shows my score as AAAAA and total points as 9999...etc. After pressing ready button on the score screen the game shows me the main menu but score screen shows as well so I should press ready button again to have access to the main menu. I know it is just a beta and the game looks good but I hope my feedback will help you. Good luck!