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I think you've definitely got something very special here, and this seems to be the champion of siren head games. 

Unfortunately I stumbled across a game breaking bug towards the end. This soured my experience, but I still think that this game has some very strong qualities.

My biggest criticism is the filter. I understand that it's part of the aesthetic, but I couldn't tell what I was looking at half the time. On that basis, I think it might be worth toning it down where possible.

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Your game isn't bad, but I think it would benefit from having a mechanic which outlines items required to advance the plot. It took me a good deal of time to find the laptop battery.

The sound design could do with some enhancement. Perhaps you could add some atmospheric music low in the mix to create a sense of unease. 

This is the first time I've ever seen a toilet in a kitchen. That was an enjoyable experience. 

I must say, I loved this game!

There was some serious attention to detail. I loved how the environments changed. It was really difficult to know what to expect.

The animation at the end was first class. I was completely wowed by it. 

You chose the right moments to run with a scare or hold back. It felt like you had a very mature sense of horror pacing. 

The Blair Witch influence is there, but it's not on the nose. This doesn't feel like a 'Blair Witch' game, it feels like its own thing. 

Well done! I'm excited to see what your next project is. 

I don't think anyone would disagree that the premise of this game is quite silly. Having said that, it turned out pretty good!

I think it'd be nice if Shia had a little more animation, he just kind of floats towards you in the 'Just do it' pose. It was funny at first, then it got old. 

I have no earthly idea why you're collecting onions? All of the other references I felt I'd just forgotten, but were still relevant to the environment. But...onions? I must have missed that memo. 

The thing I enjoyed the most was throwing hot sauce at Shia, then watching him sporadically and stiffly flip away. Throwing hot sauce at Stanley Yelnats is my #1 fantasy, thank you for finally making my dream come true. 

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I did a lets play of your game. 

I was impressed with the concept and overall look of the game. The idea of having to turn off your flashlight to avoid attack was an interesting inversion of directing light at something to stop it attacking you. 

I found that the gameplay was a little bit tedious, but nothing irreparable. 

Congratulations on your early release and continuous development. Good luck!