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I think his whole deck is only 3 cards, so after I doubled his 21 card and stole his ten, he busts every turn.


The next game the joke was on me and I was forced to auto-bust :(

I defeated him on that round, but if not I think he would have auto-busted every round after that :D

Go into her shop, the door in the back  of the kitchen will be open to reach her.

yeah, even lofi is to high for me.

I think maybe that was intentional. If you think about it, everything about the console-based format adds friction. Interesting how the premise was similar to Smart Heart.

Very touching, and a great and hilarious game.

Very, very cool.


Pure comedy.

wonderful game.

there's a storyline too.

Can you add an options to lower the graphics quality so that it would run on normal computers?

I did it! (Very fun)

Yay, I can be a surgeon now! (I feel bad for people with a different keyboard layout.) You totally nailed the See No Evil wildcard.


I recommend adding auto-save, so that players can finish the story over multiple sessions.

Very creative!

Wow 👏

Right now it is just heart-skinned Helltaker. So I would add some features to make it different. Also, reset level button, and move and push should be the same buttons. 

Fun gameplay (and good message). I would like more feedback: visible timer and every plaque cleaned should lower heartbeat a little.

The gameplay is easy to figure out, but everything else is awesome!

Legitimately one of the best educational games I've seen...

Great concept and following of themes. Looks like my radar isn't too good at detecting walls ;).

Put that in the instructions, please!


Most exciting typing game!

Very pretty. But even after completing the whole game, I had no clue how the game's mechanics worked? Why did triangles sometimes kill me and sometimes not? How come I could collect circle sometimes and not other times? If you want gameplay to serve as a metaphor, then you must first ensure that the player understands the gameplay mechanics well (unless you really want them to be confused).

Awesome and fun. Two comments:

1) On the Windows version, I can't tell which cameras are red.

2) Add a way to quit.

Well, I read the disclaimers, so it was just kind of meh.

The game communicates with an online chatbot server to interpret what you are saying.

Have you played American Election?

Fun story!

Very nice Frankenstein-esque piece.

Cool situation and nice writing. One ink tip, when the choice is a quote, don't put it in brackets. That way the quote will stay on the screen, and the narrative will look more cohesive.

I don't think you can solve the riddle through pure deduction :)