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Thank you so much! And I'm working on the "more please!"

Just finised a playthrough of this run by a friend of mine. It was delightful, immersive, and very easy to learn and play. We played for a total of five hours and had fun using kid logic to solve problems, outfit ourselves with wild garlic and (probably) holy water, and managed to stop Vlad before he bit nice old Miss Florence!

Thanks for making this, it's great!

Thank you! 

This game is great. Well written, evocative, and capable of generating really interesting character dynamics and interactions. The layout is great, fun, and adds to the atmosphere of the game as a whole. Love it!

The Wolf Who Cried Boy is well written, exquisitely laid out scenario that trades the blood, gore, and monster shoot 'em ups for good old fashioned all-consuming dread. The otherworldly landscapes are no less frightening for being devoid of monsters. Plus, there are some nice new spells and artifacts for those looking for inspiration for their own games. Excellent work!