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very birb

the dialogues in this chapter are amazing *chef's kiss*

yea i noticed it right after but forgot to delete the comment but thanks :)

somehow i can't download chapter 4. it says thanks for downloading, but it doesn't actually start to download

ahis is a really cool game. and depressing 

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yes i had a problem with this too! i replayed season 1 for that reason and still couldn't figure it out. but i selected that i did spend the night with her tho lol i'm not gonna miss that out

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I really liked the idea of a story about ant nations,i haven't seen it before and it's well written. The stucture and the politics of the ant colonies were simple and interesting! Also i love Charlotte and Val :)

I love this game. It's so cute and the atmosphere is relaxing, i really like the music and the style (and the humor of course). The characters and the dialogs were all so entertaining and i loved being the matchmaker.

also the cat version of fly me to the moon was just something else lol

this was such a fun game

this is such a cute game!