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sorry late reply...i re-dowloaded the game today and the bug is still there, unfortunately D: but no pressure...just let me know when you've fixed it already ^^ goodluck on school

very spoopy 10/10

very bizarre and creepy game...i love it :)

im experiencing a bug where I fall out of the map after I clicking start D: the dialog continues but im unable to do anything..

short but interesting game :D great job

not bad for a first game :D had fun playing ^^

cool game :D had fun playin it

really cute and short game <3

such a lovely story and full of values to remember :D <3

such a lovely game :D I'm looking forward for the full release

the ending made me cry and think of alot of things...thank you for making this game!

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The ending was really sweet :D lovely game!

cool game!! definitely did not expect it to be spooky 0_0

love the old school vibes~ can't wait for the full game :)

such a beautiful game and story :")

One of my favorite games! Its  very challenging but enjoyabe to play :)) I really like the story as well

the game and the story is amaizing! I enjoyed every bit of it :))

amaizing game! had alot of fun playing it :))

this game made me cry ;-; I love your games

this game is amaizing!! looking forward to the full game :))

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I got the good ending ^^ lovely game

Weird game...but I like it! :DD

such a sweet game ;-; i cried so much at the end :

Such a lovely yet horrific game! ^^ I got all endings and would play again 10/10 

Amaizing game! Just finished playing it :DD so much work has been put into creating this game :0 great job, devs!

I absolutely love this game! I like the slow pace. I also relate a lot to the story! Thank you, sad3d for this light-hearted game <33 it made me feel inspired to do what I love and not get too caught up with the monotony of life :> how lovely ^^