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I got it working [honestly, took me a while due to moving and whatnot] but holy crap I am not disappointed!  Thanks, Choppy. :)

Do not have your volume at 100% when starting up the game.

That being said, being a jumpy person in general, I got 2 minutes in and was already near shitting my pants.

Excellent tribute, beautifully executed.

Thank you.  This game is going to bring me and friends a LOT of joy.  I can tell a lot of care and detail went into this, and as an avid PM fan; I thoroughly enjoy this.



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This game, my sister and I played it for a bit together.  We thought it was cheerful and just plain weird [and we like that] but as we delved deeper...  The game became more meaning, but the weirdness stayed.  She'd gone out and left me alone with this game.  So I click every chapter; in order.  I read ever piece of dialogue, and saved everything I could.

Thank you, truly.  This game put a lot of things into perspective and gives that same perspective atmosphere to those not familiar.

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Why am I unable to play?  It gives me so many errors codes, EVEN IF I download the files that it says it's missing from certain directories...  Am I doing something wrong?  Someone please help me -_-