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Just curious but will Shoichi and Yuuichi ever do some bondage sex?

Wotb, don't worry you can always put a kabe-don scene/CG into your game whenever you want.

(like for example the next shoichi update.)

Same here

I vote for Howl, Finn, and Raion. Just wondering with this be on Android?

will this game eventually come out for Android?

Isnt the title screen song called two together by Kevin macleod.

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Dear Mr. Wotb,

Would your game include 18+ toys when the MC and one of the date able characters do 18+ stuff?

I was just wondering but I feel like the heart event for Shoichi was just too short. Maybe you should add one more heart to it to make it into 4 hearts instead of 3. This part is the second part that I enjoyed the least cause it feel too non-realistic and it just makes it stand out, because for the majority of you game it gives of a realistic vibe which is a reason why I enjoy your game.

Maybe you can have that heart event day be someone confessing to Shoichi and the MC over heard it and feels jealous and acts awkward around Should for the rest of that day (of course this has to take place before Haruki tells the MC about Sho`s obsession over him).



I also agree with you

Will this eventually be available for Android?

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I agree with dragon god

dyanblad why you spoiler the game?!


plz make the tennis balls in the continue and gallery bigger because it's so hard to change slides for Android.

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Yuuichi is starting at us, not Shoichi. And it scares me.

is the teaser cg 10

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hey Wotb can you fix the gallery and continue menus because for Android it's hard to change the pages

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have you seen the cg spoiler on wotb Twitter

i wonder if this game will get a part when you get to see the younger version of the MC and his friends

Tageki Tanabe is more like his rival in tennis than an antagonist

i wonder if this game will have an antagonist.

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To be honest, it always feels like your waiting forever to see your favorite character`s route get updated.

I found something good.

Yuuichi should become a volleyball player and join Shoichi.

Wow, I bet that everyone cried once they played this new update. But chillax people, Shoichi protected by plot so I `m sure that it will all end well.

so is this an error...?

there`s something good on Wotb`s Twitter (the next CG)

there are errors on day 15 in shoichi route

if he's that busy I guess we could help by suggesting music?

Um... For the first option in day 1. You should change the music if you choice to stop them since Yuuichi is serious.

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Hey Wotb, I know this might be a bit too early to ask this but, would you game have multiple ways to get the same ending?

Also does anyone know the difference between window and full screen?

this video will give you some info about the creator/ and his game.

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the next update is already on his patreon.

here`s his Twitter.

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I hope this qualifies as feedback (since I suck at LA)(you could also ignore some of this feedback since a majority of it is asking you to do work and I don't know what your living currcumstances are like).

1. Hey Wotb, I think more should happen at Yuuichi`s school like for example gym class.

2. You should also add an image of Yuuichi crying, I feel like that will make him more real to the audience/players and it will remind us that Yuuichi also has his own problems.

3. Another thing you should edit, when Yuuichi was talking to Haruto, he says "pass even harder". Isn`t there better words you can use like "never minded"?

4. For Shoichi`s route on the roof during the confession, instead of "very least very suspect" how about something like " wouldn`t it be suspected for me to try to convince you that you...".

5. When Yuu and Sho kiss each other on the roof, I felt that the scene was too short. Could've you talk about the kiss more or something to just make the scene a bit longer.

6. On day 6 when Yuu get mad during lunch. You should change the music.

7. I also loved the part when Yuu has a dream about Sho. And will there be more parts where Yuu is dreaming of something.

8. On long days like day 1 or days with no options/choices like 2 and 11 you should add more options/choices to choose from, even if their existance are close to absolutely meaningless it will draw the audience/players attention, for example: since day 2 has no options/choices I forgot that your game has a day 2 in it since day 2 didn't draw my attention.

9.The quick time event and seeing things from the other characters point of view were really enjoyable, are there going to be more in the future?

what colour are Yuuichi`s eyes?

What does DLC stand for?

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Wow, didn`t expect to see Alex more in this update.

And...Um...Good job Wotb...I guess (Sorry I suck at commenting people`s work).

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How many months have passed in the game and how many months are left?

Another question, since Shoichi get jealous easily would he do "dirty" or bad things to Yuuichi or Yuuichi`s friends?

So Yuuichi a "dirty" boy.

And speaking of dirty boys, why on day 13 at Shoichi`s house, Yuuichi says that it feels weird wearing his tennis clothes? Did Shoichi do anything to his clothes?