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thank you so much! I put a lot of effort into painting this zine so I really appreciate the support :)

thank you for reading it and commenting! :)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment :)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it and it makes me so happy to know my zines are out there in the real world :) thanks a bunch for commenting I hope your friends like it! 

Thank you so much! I'm so glad it resonated with you :)

I liked the idea of this and lot (the lil meta twist was cool!)

Very cute! The voice lines were a really great touch that definitely added a lot of personality and depth to them, and I enjoyed getting to know the character through this lens. The instagram thing was very wholesome.

I love the mixture of images you used in this zine! The collage pages have a lovely mixture that makes them enjoyable to look at, and the double page spread of the duplicated figure drawings look messy and raw in a way that really gets the emotion across. Very nice zine!

I thought this was really great! I loved the visuals and the idea of a surreal horror mile long walk to the bathroom through your trans related trauma is really good, and the positive ending was a nice touch. I also though the inclusion of the transmed with his fatphobia and transphobia was very apt and accurate, shows how too many trans people internalise the way our oppressors see our community and lash out at other trans prople.

Really enjoyed this! I LOVE weird body horror and this was simple yet effective.

This is so awesome! A kaleidoscope of girlhood tortures pulsing one over the other, I absolutely adored the writing on every page from the imagery, to the sense of humor, to the mixture of fairytale aesthetic with the mary sue (almost recontextualising those OCs as the folkloric female warriors and princesses of the digital age). All threaded through with that profound nihilistic discomfort of teenage dysphoria and how fucking weird it is to navigate! Visually and lyrically stunning this is a 10/10 in my opinion.

I'm always happy to see representation of being a young trans boy. Some parts definitely reminded me of my own adolescence! It was a nice quick game and I encourage you to keep making stuff like this! I know this game is 4 years old now  so I'm sure you've been working on your creativity since, but since you asked for advice I'd suggest working a bit on characterisation :) what I mean by that is if we're only with a character for a short time then every detail is significant, so it would be nice to elaborate on some specific memories the characters has like ripping his jeans, his friend who bought him his hoodie etc, a bit more detail to make the character feel more specific and real. But like I said, I found the character endearing and enjoyed the game. 

very cute!I enjoyed it a lot and especially liked the black and white part- smashing through those mirrors as a metaphor for dysphoria and destroying your female self was really interesting. definitely made me think a bit.

Thank you very much this comment made my entire day! I'm really happy my artwork had such an impact on you :) I wanted to create images that were evocative and true to the emotions of the internet, sort of claustrophobic and huge at the same time.

Wow! Really beautiful collection of poetry, loved the use of the photos as well. My favourite poems from this collection were Boiling Blood because of its powerful ending, Willow and the simple but inventive use of imagery, and Lost Childhood because the extended metaphor of the cigarette smoke used to symbolise childhood trauma was really cleverly done. :) Definitely gonna read your other stuff sometime!