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Love the game. I like the number of quests and less emphasis on character skill building (except via equipment). 

Some feedback:

Long range combact is really bad, after one shot, its almost impossible to land second shot unless the monster is right next to you. Its better to switch to sword. Please change the long range: Projectile to hit any monster that crosses its path. Currently if the projectile reaches the targetted tile and the monster is on it, only then it registers a hit.

you hit the launch button from your son's bedroom to launch with him. If you hit the outside one, he goes alone.

how do I go past login screen?

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Overall a fun game. Good job

1) needs a command to show all available files and directories. Like we have in windows' cmd prompt : dir

2) When Unknown is typing, the spelling of the Unknown is wrong.

3) Waiting for replies is too long

4) Please correct spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

6 + (1x8x3) ≠ 66

six digits is the limit, not the code size. Just solve the formula

i got 3 diamonds, got the diamond pickaxe. Now what? no cutscene

i got the diamond with tin pickaxe. no cutscene. game is continuing. Do i need to get all tools to finish the game?

Wonderful game!

Suggestion: add reset button, i got stuck at level 6 and I couldn't continue, had to refresh browser. A small button will make it seamless :)