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Great game! I would love to play more of it. The character designs, the scripting and that one ending was perfectly made! Good job on it! :)

This game is really interesting because the tea names are really creative. Plus some tea's sound pretty good and Autumn Brew and Autumn Nectar. Some tea's even sound so positive and magical! Like Dreamy Drop, Brisk Connection, Autumn Dragon and yeah! Adding on, this game is also great for story development. We might need some of these names for teas or something else :) Really great and inspiring game!

This game is beautiful! The soundtrack makes it so calming and lovely this would be able to help me go to sleep at night whenever I'm having trouble. Lera's and Nika's design were so creative, and nice to see! Their so calm with each other throughout this game. I love it. Great job! 

You need to install winebottler. Winebottler will allow you to open any app like this :)