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Am I the only one whos game play screen doesn't fit my phone? It makes it frustrating since some of the small save and load buttons are hidden off screen and if I hit the 'hide' button I'm screwed... Can't do anything else and need to restart game. 

I knooowwww but I want them to be in looooove lol

In case I suck, even with this new find knowledge... Where do I find the cheats menu?

oh! I haven't played one of these yet with the possibility of losing, hadn't even crossed my mind. Thanks for the reply! 

Hands down my favorite game and I've been binge playing these for a solid week now. I absolutely cannot wait for your next update.

Question though.. is there a reason all the characters but the Android and Lin can have the 'in love' trait? Not that's it's a huge ordeal, they're just my two favorites! 

Can't seem to play the game on Android, I get to a certain spot very early on in the game where a message "Place holder bad grades ending" comes up... Screen goes black and won't let me do anything. 

I laughed so hard I teared up at some parts in the two play throughs I've done so far. Please please finish Alice's storyline!