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Ella Watts

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Thanks so much! <3

please do!

Hey all! I absolutely love the premise of this jam.

I'm a casting and voice director. Currently I work with Marvel comics on their app Marvel Move, previously I worked in casting and voice direction for Doctor Who.

I want to offer my casting and directing services for free to any team who wants to work with me! Mainly because this looks like fun and I want more games under my belt. If you want to add some voice work to your game, please get in touch!

Ella (she/her)

Hey! I'm a casting & voice director. At the moment I work with Marvel Comics on the Marvel Move app, and previously I've worked in voice directing and casting for Doctor Who. If folks want to add some voice work to their games, I'm happy to offer my services for free. Please do get in touch!

Oh my gosh it means so much to me that you played and let me know, I'm really happy you had fun and found it easy and interesting!!!! Thank you so much for leaving this comment, and for playing the game!

Thank you so much for such a thoughtful and considered review, I really really appreciate it!

I can't believe you did this!!!!! It's genius and I absolutely love it - it's so fun and funny and I cannot wait to play it!!

This game is absolutely delightful and I WILL be playing it with friends for Christmas :D so excited for the actual-play too!!

this is absolutely goddamn ridiculous and delightful

This is such a brilliant concept, and I absolutely love how the game plays. Highly recommended!!!

Oh my gosh that's so sweet and cool, thank you!!!

Thank you!!!! <3 I'd be so interested to know if you adapt it, please let me know!

It's cool you play it that way! :)

:D I'm really glad!


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thanks so much! and ooh I mostly play ttrpgs, but let me know if you make one!

The cover photo for this is so good and the layout is genius!

The art for this is brilliant, it really captures the spirit of the game!

The layout, design and cover image of this are such a fantastic spin on the classic haunted house and I love it!

Everything about this is goddamn (hehe) fantastic 

This is absolutely great and the title is brilliant :D

The cover image for this is so striking, I love how you've designed the game page!

The cover art for this is gorgeous!!

This is SO brilliant and I adore it

This is the best!!!!

The cover image for this is so evocative for the game itself!

I really love how simple this is, and the idea of physically tearing the paper is lovely

The cover photo and background are gorgeous for this too!

Love this so much!!!!!