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Quite a short game, and it was enjoyable. I do feel it to be lacking in conflict, the "chasing" could have been emphasized better.

visual effects are tools to enhance an experience, it is not a replacement for it. While I do enjoy the visuals, the gameplay is severely lacking in content, and mechanics. I see potential in this game, and I believe spending an extra 5 hours could really bring this game closer to what it could be.

I enjoyed the music, but the pickup sound could have been better. Perhaps a soft "tingle" sound or a fire blowing in the wind.

The gameplay isn't revolutionary, to say the least. As an endless dodging (and collecting) game it does the job fairly well. However it isn't to my taste.

One advice I'd give is that if you're going to have a story, and a mission to "find" something, the game should have a sense of progression. This game does not.

You can use pre-made assets, however you can't import them into the new project. You'll have to rewrite any code you've made.

The knowledge of being the greatest isn't enough?

It's just anything VR, a bit broad but oh well.