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Oooo, really now? 👀 I will be definitely giving it a try then. Thanks for the heads up my friend. I, of course, will leave a post on my experience with it as well for you. Stay Classy.

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So I loved the game a lot and definitely didn't expect the twist or the dog part. Like everyone else I made a playthrough of it. But I decided to add a little something for Rocky at the end of my video. 

"F" Rocky <3

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So here is my playthrough of your scary eye opening game. Just finished playing Paralyzis and I got to say that I am glad that I never experienced Sleep Paralysis in my life. Not being able to move and being at the mercy of who or whatever is near you has now became a slight fear for me after this game. Though the laughing part made it less scary for me, I truly love what JN Squared did with this. I'd definitely like to see more from them. Maybe a part two or a new experience in general. Keep up the good work.