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Dropping by to add that I’ve included a reference to this ruling in a comment on my Weapons & Equipment page:

The following added to the Monster Codex page: the five Cthulhu Mythos creatures, the remaining Cryptids and Urban Legends, and five entirely original monsters.

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A great resource for dual-wielding was created by J.P. Cluff:

For reference, because we ceased working on a book which would have included additional status effects, treat burn damage the same as infection.

*If you have any questions about a missing stat, then refer to the other resources on my profile. EX: Preferred Torture Devices have stats included in my Weapons & Equipment page. *

Oh no, that's just a thematic element I use for this particular channel. I'm glad to have had a friend with me, because it scared me out of my wits. I've played a lot of these games and I've got to say this one felt really unique. 

I was sweating bullets in that hallway lmfao

After thirty-one games (in less than a week) for my B&W horror anthology series, congrats! Your game is the only one that has (as yet) made me shriek like my nine year old daughter spotting a spider on the wall.


... Where a man is selling ice cream and cotton candy :)

Honestly, for two-three minutes and two gigs, there is much better out there. I felt like I was going blind from the motion blur. For people claiming its scary and whatnot, please... Stop. If you want to be Marki-derp and jump back at every noise and sight, do it, but anyone watching this game can see that there's no bite to it.

I won't lie. After my first in-game demise, I gave up. For some reason, it just creeped me out too much and that coupled with sleep deprivation was simply a bad mixture for me. 

This was an interesting dive into Japanese folklore. However, it also has some major game-breaking bugs. Namely, falling through the map. 

The game was certainly scary (at times) and it provoked strong reactions from me and my friend tagging along for a stream of it -- most of which were simply for entertainment purposes -- because the game drags a bit. One issue is that the game is dark. When I added my B&W filter which I apply to all videos in my new hobby series (where my friends enjoy watching me freak out), it was essentially a black-screen simulator. Moreover, the character doesn't seem alarmed by any of the encounters with the ghosts and the game relies too heavily on limited choices, which in turn, only serves to punish the player by sticking them with a 1-2 minute speech about tolerance. All-in-all, it has potential, but these elements need to be improved or the game won't cut it for me. I'm saying this as a former software developer (of ten years) and a professional writer. 

Would I go back? Yes. I'm definitely keeping my eye on this one!

In the last week, I've played 31 indie horror games from and I have to say, this one gave me one of the biggest jolts. Definitely, in my top five. 

This was a treat among tricks. 

Overall, it was somewhat mediocre, but I had fun with it anyway.

A fantastic thrill.


I can imagine Polly haunting me simply because he wants renovations to the premises. 

A great opportunity for storytelling and character development.

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My favorite bit? All the fantastic and eclectic reading material. As a writer, I'm happy to see these included. Aside from that, I included it in my B&W horror anthology.

The second segment in the fifth entry of my B&W horror anthology. 

I look forward to exploring the time mechanic further as well as diving into the lore. 

Very unexpected!

As someone who studied mortuary science in college in 2010 (apprenticing at a local funeral home) I was disappointed. For one reason only! I wanted to make the incision lol This was quite faithful to the process. Thanks and enjoy its inclusion in my B&W horror anthology.

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A delightful spin on the genre's cliché settings.

This was a nice follow-up to Midnight Shift Remake. I featured both in my B&W horror anthology series:

Ever seen a man scream and shout for thirty minutes? The Ringu-esque quality of this hit like a brick in the face:

One of the most atmospherically unnerving games I've played for my B&W horror anthology series:

Part of my B&W horror anthology series:

Part of my B&W horror anthology series:

The third segment in the first video for my B&W horror anthology series:

The second segment in the first video for my B&W horror anthology series: