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THIS GAME IS AMAZING!! I've only finished 5 of the 7 endings but wowie that true ending...... a certain mysterious someone is my favorite character for sure. also! is there a cg gallery for the game? the art is so cool i love it!!

Both the game and the novella are so amazing!! honestly i dont know what else to say but i did cry just a little bit

amazing incredible i love it

this was such a cool game! I love how it depends on other players for you to escape. thanks $$$CAH|SH|$$$, whoever you are. I found your key and escaped

Hi! I've only been able to play a little bit of the game but I'm really enjoying it so far. Honestly I love the music and all the colors and everything! But I'm having trouble saving the game. Whenever I open up the menu to save, it just like an 'access denied' sound and doesn't let me. I'm using a Mac if that has something to do with the issue. Thanks a whole bunch to anyone who can help! 

This game is amazing!! It was so fun to play, I can't wait to see what you guys make next. Curious though, can you actually break the loop? I played through it a couple times trying.

this demo is so good! Im excited to play the finished game!

THIS IS SO CUTE i love this game...i got the good end first time playing so yay!

this game is so good!! i loved the puzzles and the animation and everything was so smooth... i cant wait to see what you guys make next!