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oop, there it is

lmao, i dont even have the update available

we can only hope that the gods bless us in such a fashion 

such a vibrent community

Yeah, just found it, Thank you!

Hello! does anybody know when the most recent set of patch notes will be released? 

Thank you!

oh damn, good to know

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any info on when we'll recieve the new 2.15 build info? looking forward to it!


ahhh, i thought it would be one of the two, nice lil' reference

Tales of Androgyny community · Created a new topic Yorick

Alright, okay, uh alright, okay

the Jester calls the skull on her cane 'Yorick', anybody know as to why that name?

yeah, prettty sure you're doomed to become a Horses' whore

good luck next time

has anybody got any idea as to where one could encounter the dark knight?

cheers matey!

Any idea on how to get to the strange castle, i see it on the bottom right of the map, but i have no idea on how to get there

i see you are a man of culture

You're all wrong, the best waifu is the Brothel Owner

wait... theres a Cultist Temple?

you're on that grind i see

she spawns ealier on in the game try looking around the first third of the first map

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Okay, now this is epic

have a good year everyone!

edit: Is that nw goblin scene an omage to Goblin Slayer mayhaps?

cheers lads

heyoo, is there anyway to get anything other than nothing when you visit the witches hut, does i thave anything to do with magic level 'cause ive not done a run with a mage yet

yeah, theyre updating arount 1 time every 30 days, they also do livestreams where they show what theyre working on