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Gear gamin

A member registered Sep 09, 2022

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Nice game

Great game 

Cool puzzle game.

Great game bro

Fun game but not gonna lie stage 3-2 & final boss gave me the most problems though I still enjoyed this interesting style of game.

A nice short point&click game.

Man, that ending really hit you in the feels.

Fun game the boss fight was unexpected but fun. Also, I found out while messing around that if you get in a basket and pick it up you'll start flying.

Nice point and click game.

A fun game with horrifically good art


Great game I really enjoyed the humor. :)

Fun game.


Fun game reminds me of maniac mansion.

Great game.


Fun game my man. 


nice horror game.

nice game

Fun Horror game :) 

nice monster design

Great ambiance.

nice horror game

Great game.

Great game.

good short game and good voice acting.

Great game


Fun game Thought due to randomly generated environment quick runs like this 

are possible.  But still its a really a good game. :)

Good game  :)

Good game I really liked when the hand came over on the left side of the screen.

this game has great ambiance man. 

nice game my man.

Fun game

Good and creepy game thought I wish you could run.

I really enjoyed this game.