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A very cool tool that I will look forward to sharing with one of my players that is always interested in leaning hard into world lore and magic systems

Super fun roll 'n' write. Awesome!

Great game with a really simple premise, can't wait to try and use it to flesh out some other para/witchy games. 

Super useful to have as a resource for unexpected overland travel in any game, but I especially like how the 5e creatures are named for easy reference without anything needing to be system specific. 

Awesome little game for helping us “need a reason“ oriented people keep working towards our goal. Found things like this have helped me in the past so I’m looking forward to meeting my little worm!

This is a lovely set of prompts to keep in my “To Go” TTRPG journal. 

Got a physical copy of this as part of the Knave kickstarter, is there any place to yet digital versions of the character sheet?

Really enjoyed playing this. I came up with some really fun ideas with the prompts and will definitely be returning to both this game and the ideas it helped me make. 

NB. The prompts for 8 and Queen of hearts are the same. 

Another wonderful asset pack. So useful for making quick sheets for my solo games

Finally got around to a solo game of this and found it a really fun world building game. Can't wait to play this with my group

A very interesting take on a sci-fi beak, feather and bone.

This is a wonderful way to structure a solo adventure. I wasn't at all familiar with Brighthammer before playing this, but it’s been rather simple to learn with the way the adventure helps to build up your character. All in all a good way to play a solo game.

This looks really cool at first glance, will definitely be taking some time to delve into it properly soon.

Wonderful, yet simple character led quest game.

 I have a metric I use when playing journaling games, if I struggle to be concise with prompts it is because they help build an evocative story. I knew I’d never manage to stick with a sentance, so limited myself to a paragraph instead.

I am multiple pages deep… in year one.  

A really fun solitaire card based game with some dungeon mapping thrown in.

Great game but really loved the mapping system. Would recommend people try this game just for that if nothing else, but if you enjoy dungeon delves this one is definitely worth a go. 

While everything in here was a wonderful read, Letters from a Bookbinder was the one that caught my imagination enough to play. 

A truly satsifying hack of games like Village Witch, it had me inventing books that weren't just something that had absorbed my character, but something that I wanted read myself, even when they weren't a genre I'd normally read, because of course a book I invented in my head (with the aid of excellent prompts) was still going to contain the kernal of what would make them interesting to me. 

It made me appriciate how looking outside your comfort zone can sometimes lead to interesting discoveries about what it is that you actually love about things that have simply become your "done thing".

This is perhaps one of the simplest and coolest ways of gamifying life that I've seen yet.

Awesome set of prompts, this is going to become my go-to "brain experienced an error" tool when I'm playing roleplaying games or writing, because even just looking through the categories can spark an idea or remind me what I was trying to accomplish. 
So far every game/tool of yours that has caught my interest has been worth the money, and the fact that there is the seperate POD codes mean that I can decide whether to get a print copy later instead of experiencing FOMO. The fact that most of them are now on the "Cezar Capacle" section on my shelf just shows how good your stuff is! 

Wonderful little medative tool! Thank you

This is a very cool little tool for quick world building ideas.

A small collection of thought provoking games that help you discover your reality, or help you make a new one.

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This looks like an awesome collection of Hunts, its going straight into my Slayers folder for my players to pick for their next game!

Useful with a phones stop watch function, or a d10 in a pinch, so this is definitely going in my box of necessary ttrpg stuff!

Wonderful game and I really like the crafting mechanic!

This was so simple yet so evocative that I'd only rolled one third of a day and had already wrote and thought about my town so much. It was wonderful, and broke me out of a writing slump.

Thank you for a wonderful play session and hopefully many more to come.

When going through my (oh-my-gosh-how-large-has-it-gotten) itch library, coming across this is the recruitment letter that I needed. I entirely planned to pair the trifold with a travellers journal and start making a dent in my backlog, but having a fun gamified reason to do so will give my strange brain something to latch on to. 

Thank you for this.

Wow, such simple looking game that's got some real tactical complexity. This was great fun!

A brilliant and thoughtful game, especially the way it walks you through the steps to play the game as you go.

Wonderful, that worked perfectly and if the stars align for playing I'll let you know!

I was hoping to run it tonight if my players agree so a code would be wonderful! Where's best to contact you?

Hi, I bought this physically on BackerKit, is there anyway that I can get access to the printouts without rebuying the game?

Thank you so much!

Any chance of getting an easy print version? 

The game is beautiful, but all the black pages will take a whole printer cartridge.

Just started playing this solo and it's already firing so many ideas. 

Beautifully simple system, love the push your luck mechanic of the Action Roll. Incredibly interesting premise, has given me a solid platform to start telling stories. 

The corpse of a ghost named Victor Treble has been found behind the Blaze Theatre, which is strange, because no ghost had ever left a corpse before this case. 

I'm only a few, very short, sessions in, but I'm already loving this game. I'm a big Ironsworn fan but wasn't really expecting the victoriana theme to gel for me, especially from just one page. But I've already got a combatative relationship with the sergeant, a crime boss to pay a visit and a hatred the mortitian, who's a ghoul. 

There's just enough information for me to get my teeth into it, while still having tonnes of room to be creative. I'm finding myself jumping to conclusions just because they're fun. 

So glad I decided to give this a go. This will be a game I keep in my journal so I always have something fun to play!

Thank you so much for this. Meant I could write out full page character sheets for my players with all the info they needed to hand. This has been a game changer for character creation!

Beautiful book, beautiful premise, beautiful game. There's so much to do, this is going to keep me entertained for a long time to come. 

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PDF missing Go to 6 on entry 22. Played through twine to find the right path because I didn't want to stop playing!

Edit: Wow, that was fun!