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Much appreciated! You're right about the potion prompts, they're meant to be contextual depending on how much health/magic you have.

Appreciate the feedback! Very valid points. While I consider the current art a "placeholder", there has been some effort to give it a good and consistent look (maybe too much). At some point in the future, the art style might get changed completely, but the early details and animations should carry over.

I'm glad that the combat is solid, but you're right in that it needs more depth. Enemies that are afraid of fire, explode or will try to put themselves out are just some examples of what's in planning. There's also a plan to rework the fire meter into a combo meter of sorts, where landing attacks consistently will raise it and getting damaged or not attacking will decrease it, for example. You're also correct about the intention with the dodging, it does need some work and possibly a different way to prevent easy spam.

I like the suggestions for fire puzzles! One of my inspirations for them is the Portal series, and I have a couple of notes on more advanced puzzle types, it would just be difficult to implement, include and teach about them all in this short of a demo, but they'll definitely be a part of the full package!

Thanks for the feedback! Regarding the melee attack directions, you'll be glad to know that it has already been upgraded to 8 directions and should feature in the next update. The idea to include numbers and enemy health bars is interesting, currently my vision is to keep the UI as simple as possible, but it could potentially feature as a toggle (other elements such as area previews for enemy special attacks are planned, so it wouldn't be a stretch).

There are certainly plans for more interesting abilities, her ability bar has 7 icons for a reason! More interesting interactions with fire are also planned. Glad you found the prototype enjoyable still!

Thanks a lot Azhryga! (And excuse me for the late reply :P)
I'm glad that the experience has managed to be this smooth considering it's a pre-alpha, but I'll keep polishing and improving it.

I also started playing Tech War, will give my feedback soon once I get further into it!

Thanks a lot! Appreciate the feedback from the stream, and looking forward to keep expanding and improving Kalia's game even further!