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very nice ! the level design is great

I managed to get the ball stuck between solid blocks. It's a shame there is nothing to do left in this situation. Very nice game tho, extremely enjoyable !


I'm totally ok with it, that's very cool

-the rainbow line tool is kinda giving me a headache

Next version this is going back to regular red, I was just toying around tbh

-the physics line eraser doesn't work, but the others do

I didn't notice any bug, but I'll have a look

-we need a database if this is to become anything big

see my last post on the forum of FRHD for some insights on my current goal

(Edited 2 times)

Yeah this kind of sucks to share maps...

-18 1i 18 1i 1i 1i 1s 1i 1s 1s 1s 2g 4m 2g 4m -1s,-1i 1s 1i 1s,1i 26 1i 2q 34 2q,-18 -18 1s -18 1s -1s,u -3e u -1s 1s -1s,-18 -34 0 -34,a -34 k -34 k -1i 18 -1i -a -1i,-a -u 0 -u 0 -k,-u -3e u -3e,4c -c6 0 -c6 -k -c6,0 -c6 -k -c6,a0 -b8 -k -b8,-a -bs 42 -bs,6s -bi 0 -bi,3e -gi -k -gi -k -h6 8o -h6 8o -i4 8o -ie 92 -ie c6 -ie,9m -gs 2q -gs,2g -gs -a -gs,-5k -no 2q -no 2q -m6 50 -m6 50 -l8,34 -o2 -k -o2,1i -no 1i -mq,18 -mq 1s -mq 1s -mg,18 -mq 18 -mg,4m 2g 4m -1s,4m 2g 4m -1s,4m 2g 4m -1s,4m 2g 4m -1s,4m 2g 4m k,4m 2g 4m -1s,4m 2g 4m -1s,4m 2g 4m -1s,4m 2g 4m -1s,3e 2q 50 2q 50 18,50 u 50 -1i 5a -1i,50 -1s 4m -1s,50 -1s 50 -3o 50 -6i 50 -6s 5a -6s 5a -5k 9m -5k 9m -4c g8 -4c hg -4c hq -4c j2 -4m j2 -3o k0 -3o,50 -1s 50 -5a,50 -1s 50 -5k,50 -1s 50 -5u,50 -1s 50 -68,50 -1s 50 -6s,50 -1s 50 -68,50 -1s 50 -6i,50 -1s 50 -6i,5a -1s 5a -5a,5k -5a 8o -5a,bi -c6 4c -c6,4c -bs b8 -bs b8 -bi b8 -au,3e -gi ie -gi,50 -m6 8o -m6 ka -m6 rq -m6 tm -m6 tm -ka t2 -ka t2 -jm ua -jm ua -gs t2 -gs t2 -d4 tm -d4 tm -au so -au s4 -au s4 -92 rq -92,68 -mg 34 -mg 34 -ne,34 -no 34 -o2,42 -m6 42 -ku,4m -l8 5a -l8 5a -ku,4m -l8 4m -ku,3o -ku 4c -ku 4c -kk,3o -ku 3o -kk,92 -5a 9c -5a 9c -42 au -42,au -bi 7g -bi,6s -bi 76 -bi,7q -b8 7q -9m,7g -9m 84 -9m 84 -9c,7g -9m 7g -9c,8o -b8 8o -aa 8e -aa 8e -a0,8e -aa 92 -aa 92 -a0,92 -h6 92 -i4 hg -i4,bs -mg 6i -mg,b8 -42 hg -42,9m -b8 au -b8 au -8o g8 -8o,de -9m bi -9m,bi -c6 bi -bs do -bs do -b8 bi -b8 bi -9m,b8 -bi de -bi,b8 -ak b8 -9c e2 -9c,9m -b8 9m -a0,9c -a0 a0 -a0 a0 -9m,9c -a0 9c -9m,ec -92 bi -92 b8 -92,ka -ie bs -ie,gs -gs a0 -gs,gs -mg c6 -mg,bs -m6 bs -li,bi -li c6 -li c6 -l8,bi -li bi -l8,g8 -9m e2 -9m de -9m,fa -m6 fa -ls,e2 -gi e2 -fu,do -fu ec -fu ec -fk,do -fu do -fk,f0 -ls fk -ls fk -li,f0 -ls f0 -li,hq -4c j2 -4m,hq -4c j2 -4m,h6 -4c hq -4c,h6 -4c hq -4c,hq -42 io -4c io -3o,ka -gi i4 -gi,kk -gs h6 -gs,hq -i4 kk -i4,g8 -gi g8 -g8,fu -g8 gi -g8 gi -fu,fu -g8 fu -fu,kk -mg h6 -mg,jm -3o mg -3o,mg -4c kk -4c kk -42 k0 -42 k0 -4m ka -4m kk -4m kk -cq kk -4m,io -3e mq -3e mq -4m m6 -4m,ls -4m ku -4m ku -aa,ku -ak ku -cq m6 -cq m6 -em kk -em,kk -cq kk -d4 ls -d4 ls -ec ka -ec,ku -ec ku -e2,kk -e2 l8 -e2 l8 -do,kk -e2 kk -do,j2 -fu j2 -fk,ka -gi ka -ec,kk -f0 kk -gs,io -fk jc -fk jc -fa,io -fk io -fa,ka -ie o2 -ie om -ie om 1i 106 1i 106 -18 106 -2q,ku -i4 o2 -i4 oc -i4,j2 -gi j2 -fu,qs -mg ku -mg,oc -2g oc 1s pa 1s,mg -4c mg -3o,oc -84 oc -2q,oc -hq oc -e2,oc -do oc -8e,pk 1s uk 1s,u0 -mg r6 -mg,pk -4m pk -ie pk -io pk -j2,rq -7g t2 -7g t2 -76 tm -76 tm -7q 106 -7q 106 -7g 106 -50 uk -50 uk -4c 106 -4c 106 -1s,r6 -92 r6 -7g rq -7g,tc -7q rg -7q rg -84,r6 -92 rq -92,rg -8e rg -8o se -8o se -ak t2 -ak,rq -cg se -cg se -c6,rq -cg rq -c6,uu 1s 10g 1s 10g -1i,u0 -k0 u0 -m6,s4 -m6 s4 -cg,uk -io uk -k0 tc -k0,tc -ec tc -gi uk -gi uk -ie,u0 -ak u0 -de tc -de tc -e2,tc -ak u0 -ak,10g -84 tc -84,tc -7q tc -7g,se -7g se -6s,s4 -6s so -6s so -6i,s4 -6s s4 -6i,tc -76 tc -5k,uu -7q uu -6i,uk -6i v8 -6i v8 -68,uk -6i uk -68,10g -4m uu -4m,t2 -5k tm -5k tm -5a,t2 -5k t2 -5a,uu -2g vi -2g vi -26,uu -2g uu -26,10g -1s 10g -4m,v8 -4c v8 -2g,10g -50 10g -6s,10g -76 10g -84,-18 1i -18 -18,-1i a -1i 1s,-1i -a -1i 0,-18 -3e -18 -34,-k -1i -1i -1i -1i -a,-u -18 -u -k -18 -k,-u -k -k -k -k -a,-a -18 -a -u -k -u -k -k,-u -68 -u -6s -84 -6s -84 -b8 -84 -bi -7q -bi,-u -68 -u -3e,-18 -6i -18 -3e,-8e -6i -2g -6i,-26 -6i -18 -6i,-u -o2 -50 -o2,-7q -b8 -5u -b8 -5u -ak,-5u -b8 -5u -h6,-5u -b8 -5u -h6,-5u -b8 -5u -c6,-5u -b8 -5u -h6,-5u -b8 -5u -h6,-5u -b8 -5u -h6,-5u -b8 -5u -h6,-5u -b8 -5u -h6,-68 -d4 -68 -bi -7g -bi -7g -bs -7q -bs,-68 -ak -5k -ak -5k -aa,-68 -ak -68 -aa,-68 -hg -68 -de,-5k -h6 -5u -h6,-5k -h6 -5k -no,-5u -j2 -5u -hg -68 -hg,-5u -ls -5u -jc,-5a -o2 -5u -o2 -5u -m6,-50 -no -50 -n4,-5a -n4 -4m -n4 -4m -mq,-5a -n4 -5a -mq,-8e -bs -8e -84,-8e -7q -8e -6i,-6i -9m -6i -9c,-76 -9m -76 -9c,-7q -b8 -7q -bi,-84 -bs -8e -bs,-6s -b8 -6s -9m,-76 -9m -6i -9m#0 -bi -1s -bi,18 -92 1s -9m,2q -c6 2q -gi,76 -cg 2q -cg,2q -fu 76 -fu,76 -g8 2q -g8,a -7g 1s -92 26 -9c,a -76 2g -9c,u -7g 2q -9c,2g -8o u -76 k -6s,1i -7g 2g -8e 2q -8o,a -7q 1s -9c,1i -76 34 -8o,u -7g a -6s 0 -6i,2g -8o 2q -92 34 -9c,1i -7g u -6s,1i -6s 2q -84,k -8e 18 -92,26 -76 2g -7g,2q -cq 76 -cq,76 -d4 2q -d4,2q -de 76 -de,76 -do 2q -do,2q -e2 76 -e2,76 -ec 2q -ec,2q -em 76 -em,76 -f0 2q -f0,2q -fa 76 -fa,76 -fk 2q -fk,50 -gi 50 -bs,5a -c6 5a -gi,4m -gi 4m -c6,5k -c6 5k -gi,5u -gi 5u -c6,4c -c6 4c -gi,42 -gi 42 -c6,3o -c6 3o -gi,3e -gi 3e -c6,34 -c6 34 -gi,68 -c6 68 -gi,6i -c6 6i -gi,6s -gi 6s -c6,76 -gi 76 -c6,ec -9c ka -9c ka -92 jm -92,jc -92 ec -92,f0 -cq em -cg,f0 -cg h6 -em hg -f0,fk -cq fa -cg,f0 -d4 g8 -ec,gs -em f0 -cq,f0 -de fk -e2,kk -8o fu -8o,g8 -9m kk -9m,fk -cg h6 -e2 hg -ec,gi -cg h6 -d4,g8 -cq fk -c6,fk -de gs -em,fk -cq h6 -ec,g8 -cq h6 -do,gi -cq hg -do,pk -j2 pk -m6,pa -4m pu -4m pu -4c,pa -4m pa -4c,q8 -1i r6 -2g rq -34,qi -1i rq -2q,qi -18 s4 -2q,r6 -1i rq -26,r6 -18 s4 -26 so -2q,rq -1i se -26 so -2g,se -1s rq -18,s4 -2g qs -18,so -1s rq -u,rq -1i r6 -u,qi -26 r6 -2q,se -1s t2 -2g,s4 -2g so -34,-k -c6 -5u -c6,-k -b8 -5u -b8,-a -bs -42 -bs,-26 -bi -5k -bi -5k -bs,-34 -io -1i -ka -18 -kk,-34 -ie -u -kk,-34 -ie -3e -i4,-34 -i4 -u -ka,-34 -io -3e -ie,-2g -ie -k -ka,-18 -jc -2g -i4,-1s -i4 -18 -io,-1i -io -26 -i4,-3e -j2 -26 -ka,-3e -io -1s -ka,-4c -bs -5k -bs#C 50 -de,B hq -6s 11o,B ka -c6 uu,T uu u#BMX
(Edited 2 times)

Be carefull not to select any space after "BMX" from the ghost because it causes the game to load a MTB instead

THE MAP-18 1i 18 1i,-13 1n 18 1n 18 1i,4m 3j 4m 3t 50 3j 50 3t 4m 3t,4m 3j 50 3j,4m 3j 50 3t,4r 3j 4r 3t,4m 3o 50 3o,-18 1i -13 1n###BMX
THE GHOST280 400 ,560 ,0 400 ,600 ,,2100 ,BMX

Yeah whatever, enjoy