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I managed to get the ball stuck between solid blocks. It's a shame there is nothing to do left in this situation. Very nice game tho, extremely enjoyable !


I'm totally ok with it, that's very cool

-the rainbow line tool is kinda giving me a headache

Next version this is going back to regular red, I was just toying around tbh

-the physics line eraser doesn't work, but the others do

I didn't notice any bug, but I'll have a look

-we need a database if this is to become anything big

see my last post on the forum of FRHD for some insights on my current goal

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OMG THIS IS A GHOST FOR THIS MAP WOW ONLY 20360 FRAMES WOOW ! (careful not to select a space after "BMX" because it would load a ghost MTB instead)

280 560 3640 3840 5720 5880 6800 7080 9400 9600 9760 9840 12080 12240 12600 12840 14720 15000 16880 17160 17560 17880 18920 19000 ,1840 2280 4000 4920 5320 5600 5960 6360 7200 7440 7720 8080 8760 8920 9840 10120 12840 13000 15040 16480 18040 18320 19480 ,0 1560 2360 2720 2960 4840 5360 5760 5840 5880 6600 8120 8880 10840 12360 12840 13520 13960 14120 14960 15440 15920 16120 16480 16880 17080 19640 ,1800 2240 4960 5240 5960 6320 11680 12240 12840 13200 17320 17840 ,1880 2920 7680 12000 13400 14040 ,20360 ,BMX
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Yeah this kind of sucks to share maps...

-18 1i 18 1i 1i 1i 1s 1i 1s 1s 1s 2g 4m 2g 4m -1s,-1i 1s 1i 1s,1i 26 1i 2q 34 2q,-18 -18 1s -18 1s -1s,u -3e u -1s 1s -1s,-18 -34 0 -34,a -34 k -34 k -1i 18 -1i -a -1i,-a -u 0 -u 0 -k,-u -3e u -3e,4c -c6 0 -c6 -k -c6,0 -c6 -k -c6,a0 -b8 -k -b8,-a -bs 42 -bs,6s -bi 0 -bi,3e -gi -k -gi -k -h6 8o -h6 8o -i4 8o -ie 92 -ie c6 -ie,9m -gs 2q -gs,2g -gs -a -gs,-5k -no 2q -no 2q -m6 50 -m6 50 -l8,34 -o2 -k -o2,1i -no 1i -mq,18 -mq 1s -mq 1s -mg,18 -mq 18 -mg,4m 2g 4m -1s,4m 2g 4m -1s,4m 2g 4m -1s,4m 2g 4m -1s,4m 2g 4m k,4m 2g 4m -1s,4m 2g 4m -1s,4m 2g 4m -1s,4m 2g 4m -1s,3e 2q 50 2q 50 18,50 u 50 -1i 5a -1i,50 -1s 4m -1s,50 -1s 50 -3o 50 -6i 50 -6s 5a -6s 5a -5k 9m -5k 9m -4c g8 -4c hg -4c hq -4c j2 -4m j2 -3o k0 -3o,50 -1s 50 -5a,50 -1s 50 -5k,50 -1s 50 -5u,50 -1s 50 -68,50 -1s 50 -6s,50 -1s 50 -68,50 -1s 50 -6i,50 -1s 50 -6i,5a -1s 5a -5a,5k -5a 8o -5a,bi -c6 4c -c6,4c -bs b8 -bs b8 -bi b8 -au,3e -gi ie -gi,50 -m6 8o -m6 ka -m6 rq -m6 tm -m6 tm -ka t2 -ka t2 -jm ua -jm ua -gs t2 -gs t2 -d4 tm -d4 tm -au so -au s4 -au s4 -92 rq -92,68 -mg 34 -mg 34 -ne,34 -no 34 -o2,42 -m6 42 -ku,4m -l8 5a -l8 5a -ku,4m -l8 4m -ku,3o -ku 4c -ku 4c -kk,3o -ku 3o -kk,92 -5a 9c -5a 9c -42 au -42,au -bi 7g -bi,6s -bi 76 -bi,7q -b8 7q -9m,7g -9m 84 -9m 84 -9c,7g -9m 7g -9c,8o -b8 8o -aa 8e -aa 8e -a0,8e -aa 92 -aa 92 -a0,92 -h6 92 -i4 hg -i4,bs -mg 6i -mg,b8 -42 hg -42,9m -b8 au -b8 au -8o g8 -8o,de -9m bi -9m,bi -c6 bi -bs do -bs do -b8 bi -b8 bi -9m,b8 -bi de -bi,b8 -ak b8 -9c e2 -9c,9m -b8 9m -a0,9c -a0 a0 -a0 a0 -9m,9c -a0 9c -9m,ec -92 bi -92 b8 -92,ka -ie bs -ie,gs -gs a0 -gs,gs -mg c6 -mg,bs -m6 bs -li,bi -li c6 -li c6 -l8,bi -li bi -l8,g8 -9m e2 -9m de -9m,fa -m6 fa -ls,e2 -gi e2 -fu,do -fu ec -fu ec -fk,do -fu do -fk,f0 -ls fk -ls fk -li,f0 -ls f0 -li,hq -4c j2 -4m,hq -4c j2 -4m,h6 -4c hq -4c,h6 -4c hq -4c,hq -42 io -4c io -3o,ka -gi i4 -gi,kk -gs h6 -gs,hq -i4 kk -i4,g8 -gi g8 -g8,fu -g8 gi -g8 gi -fu,fu -g8 fu -fu,kk -mg h6 -mg,jm -3o mg -3o,mg -4c kk -4c kk -42 k0 -42 k0 -4m ka -4m kk -4m kk -cq kk -4m,io -3e mq -3e mq -4m m6 -4m,ls -4m ku -4m ku -aa,ku -ak ku -cq m6 -cq m6 -em kk -em,kk -cq kk -d4 ls -d4 ls -ec ka -ec,ku -ec ku -e2,kk -e2 l8 -e2 l8 -do,kk -e2 kk -do,j2 -fu j2 -fk,ka -gi ka -ec,kk -f0 kk -gs,io -fk jc -fk jc -fa,io -fk io -fa,ka -ie o2 -ie om -ie om 1i 106 1i 106 -18 106 -2q,ku -i4 o2 -i4 oc -i4,j2 -gi j2 -fu,qs -mg ku -mg,oc -2g oc 1s pa 1s,mg -4c mg -3o,oc -84 oc -2q,oc -hq oc -e2,oc -do oc -8e,pk 1s uk 1s,u0 -mg r6 -mg,pk -4m pk -ie pk -io pk -j2,rq -7g t2 -7g t2 -76 tm -76 tm -7q 106 -7q 106 -7g 106 -50 uk -50 uk -4c 106 -4c 106 -1s,r6 -92 r6 -7g rq -7g,tc -7q rg -7q rg -84,r6 -92 rq -92,rg -8e rg -8o se -8o se -ak t2 -ak,rq -cg se -cg se -c6,rq -cg rq -c6,uu 1s 10g 1s 10g -1i,u0 -k0 u0 -m6,s4 -m6 s4 -cg,uk -io uk -k0 tc -k0,tc -ec tc -gi uk -gi uk -ie,u0 -ak u0 -de tc -de tc -e2,tc -ak u0 -ak,10g -84 tc -84,tc -7q tc -7g,se -7g se -6s,s4 -6s so -6s so -6i,s4 -6s s4 -6i,tc -76 tc -5k,uu -7q uu -6i,uk -6i v8 -6i v8 -68,uk -6i uk -68,10g -4m uu -4m,t2 -5k tm -5k tm -5a,t2 -5k t2 -5a,uu -2g vi -2g vi -26,uu -2g uu -26,10g -1s 10g -4m,v8 -4c v8 -2g,10g -50 10g -6s,10g -76 10g -84,-18 1i -18 -18,-1i a -1i 1s,-1i -a -1i 0,-18 -3e -18 -34,-k -1i -1i -1i -1i -a,-u -18 -u -k -18 -k,-u -k -k -k -k -a,-a -18 -a -u -k -u -k -k,-u -68 -u -6s -84 -6s -84 -b8 -84 -bi -7q -bi,-u -68 -u -3e,-18 -6i -18 -3e,-8e -6i -2g -6i,-26 -6i -18 -6i,-u -o2 -50 -o2,-7q -b8 -5u -b8 -5u -ak,-5u -b8 -5u -h6,-5u -b8 -5u -h6,-5u -b8 -5u -c6,-5u -b8 -5u -h6,-5u -b8 -5u -h6,-5u -b8 -5u -h6,-5u -b8 -5u -h6,-5u -b8 -5u -h6,-68 -d4 -68 -bi -7g -bi -7g -bs -7q -bs,-68 -ak -5k -ak -5k -aa,-68 -ak -68 -aa,-68 -hg -68 -de,-5k -h6 -5u -h6,-5k -h6 -5k -no,-5u -j2 -5u -hg -68 -hg,-5u -ls -5u -jc,-5a -o2 -5u -o2 -5u -m6,-50 -no -50 -n4,-5a -n4 -4m -n4 -4m -mq,-5a -n4 -5a -mq,-8e -bs -8e -84,-8e -7q -8e -6i,-6i -9m -6i -9c,-76 -9m -76 -9c,-7q -b8 -7q -bi,-84 -bs -8e -bs,-6s -b8 -6s -9m,-76 -9m -6i -9m#0 -bi -1s -bi,18 -92 1s -9m,2q -c6 2q -gi,76 -cg 2q -cg,2q -fu 76 -fu,76 -g8 2q -g8,a -7g 1s -92 26 -9c,a -76 2g -9c,u -7g 2q -9c,2g -8o u -76 k -6s,1i -7g 2g -8e 2q -8o,a -7q 1s -9c,1i -76 34 -8o,u -7g a -6s 0 -6i,2g -8o 2q -92 34 -9c,1i -7g u -6s,1i -6s 2q -84,k -8e 18 -92,26 -76 2g -7g,2q -cq 76 -cq,76 -d4 2q -d4,2q -de 76 -de,76 -do 2q -do,2q -e2 76 -e2,76 -ec 2q -ec,2q -em 76 -em,76 -f0 2q -f0,2q -fa 76 -fa,76 -fk 2q -fk,50 -gi 50 -bs,5a -c6 5a -gi,4m -gi 4m -c6,5k -c6 5k -gi,5u -gi 5u -c6,4c -c6 4c -gi,42 -gi 42 -c6,3o -c6 3o -gi,3e -gi 3e -c6,34 -c6 34 -gi,68 -c6 68 -gi,6i -c6 6i -gi,6s -gi 6s -c6,76 -gi 76 -c6,ec -9c ka -9c ka -92 jm -92,jc -92 ec -92,f0 -cq em -cg,f0 -cg h6 -em hg -f0,fk -cq fa -cg,f0 -d4 g8 -ec,gs -em f0 -cq,f0 -de fk -e2,kk -8o fu -8o,g8 -9m kk -9m,fk -cg h6 -e2 hg -ec,gi -cg h6 -d4,g8 -cq fk -c6,fk -de gs -em,fk -cq h6 -ec,g8 -cq h6 -do,gi -cq hg -do,pk -j2 pk -m6,pa -4m pu -4m pu -4c,pa -4m pa -4c,q8 -1i r6 -2g rq -34,qi -1i rq -2q,qi -18 s4 -2q,r6 -1i rq -26,r6 -18 s4 -26 so -2q,rq -1i se -26 so -2g,se -1s rq -18,s4 -2g qs -18,so -1s rq -u,rq -1i r6 -u,qi -26 r6 -2q,se -1s t2 -2g,s4 -2g so -34,-k -c6 -5u -c6,-k -b8 -5u -b8,-a -bs -42 -bs,-26 -bi -5k -bi -5k -bs,-34 -io -1i -ka -18 -kk,-34 -ie -u -kk,-34 -ie -3e -i4,-34 -i4 -u -ka,-34 -io -3e -ie,-2g -ie -k -ka,-18 -jc -2g -i4,-1s -i4 -18 -io,-1i -io -26 -i4,-3e -j2 -26 -ka,-3e -io -1s -ka,-4c -bs -5k -bs#C 50 -de,B hq -6s 11o,B ka -c6 uu,T uu u#BMX
(Edited 2 times)

Be carefull not to select any space after "BMX" from the ghost because it causes the game to load a MTB instead

THE MAP-18 1i 18 1i,-13 1n 18 1n 18 1i,4m 3j 4m 3t 50 3j 50 3t 4m 3t,4m 3j 50 3j,4m 3j 50 3t,4r 3j 4r 3t,4m 3o 50 3o,-18 1i -13 1n###BMX
THE GHOST280 400 ,560 ,0 400 ,600 ,,2100 ,BMX

Yeah whatever, enjoy