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Very silly and extremely well designed! Huge props

i'm actually really impressed by it! tons of charm everywhere and you did a really good job with the design and interfaces. excited to see where you go from here

this game is a masterpiece. every game should have an emergency dr perky button 

I'm very impressed but also have no idea why you would spend your time on this when you could just make your own game, lmao. And sure I guess you can post it, just not the unmodified version of the game because that kind of feels weird to me

how the fuck did you even do this


Thank you! Pretty happy with the final state of the game, I don't really feel a need to expand it.

Still have no idea how people are pulling that off :P Spike hitboxes are small but there's a hardcoded check to see if you're standing on a corner with a spike. But I guess it's not perfect, even thought I tested it pretty extensively 

Thanks for the feedback! I really do appreciate it, I've already noted lots of things for the next time I make a game. 

  • If I had more time I would have loved to polish the game's camera, the vertical scrolling definitely doesn't cooperate in level 10 but I was a little stubborn about zooming out since I like consistency
  • Normal icon hitboxes are actually pretty generous, but the jetpack ones definitely need to be wider. 100% agree
  • You're totally right about not being able to tell which platforms will change when shifting, usually they're styled differently but it changes in pretty much every level. The biggest giveaway is the more saturated outline, but I admit it could have ben done better. Constrained myself to a pretty small color palette for the game.
  • Controller support was completely untested so I'm glad that worked out LMAO, I had to switch to Unity's new input system to get mobile buttons working and I decided to bind some controller buttons while I was at it

Yeah this is really good feedback, keep in mind I made this in a week but if I had more time to polish it out these are all things I would have loved to do

haha fair, imo 1-5 are too easy and 6-10 are too hard. it's hard to find a good middle ground when it comes to difficulty

Fixed in the latest version!

Unfortunately mobile can get a little buggy, I have no idea how to fix it. Most likely just WebGL weirdness

Such a joy to play through, everything is so polished and well designed. High ranking is well deserved