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Thank you for your support, Daniel! This is really cool! \o/

Hi. Nothing new. Just fixing some minor typos ;-)

Nothing new. Just fixing some typos ;-)

I will take a look into this later on.

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I created a 3D wanderer for myself, and shared the model on Printables. Thank you for such a nice game!

Glad to hear you enjoyed the game and that it was one of your favorites last year :-)

I'm really glad to hear you're loving the game, and thank you for sharing your playthrough. It's really cool how you mixed elements from the main game and Eldritch Town, and your blog is awesome! Started following it :-)

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :-)

Thanks! I hope you have fun :-)

The game ends when you have no other questions to answer.

That's really nice! I'm glad to know that you liked the game, and I'm looking to see how your story will play ;-)

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Thank you for the feedback. Regarding your question, it's actually 1d3 because it gives you a range from 1 to 3 Contents + one Atmosphere. To roll 1d3, you just use a regular d6: 1-2 = 1; 3-4 = 2; 4-5 = 3.

It's much clearer to me now. Initially I thought that "Create an event" meant that it had to be placed in a memory, whilst "Add an event" meant that it had to be placed in the case file :-)

Thank you for the reply!


I started playing the game, and I have a few more questions regarding the prompts:

- What's the difference between 'Create an event' and 'Add an event'?
- When it says 'Create an event' or 'Add an event', do I have to place it in a memory?
- There are prompts that doesn't ask me to add, create or alter an event, like those on Jack of Hearts. What do I do in these situations?

Thank you again for such a great game!


That makes perfect sense to me now.

Thank you for the reply!


I'm a little confused by the "Moving through prompts"...

On step 3, it says: "Deal a card from the suit deck. Read and respond to the associated prompt. If the card is the King, ignore it another card instead."

On step 6, it also says to ignore the King: "Discard two cards from the suit deck. If either of these cards are the King, return the King to the suit deck and discard another card instead."

At the end of the page, it says: "Playing the King as one of the four prompt cards indicates that this part of the story is over. Put the suit deck aside and start with the next suit."

Do I have to ignore the King or put the suit deck aside when it comes to play? It's not clear to me...

Thank you for the game!