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Very funny!!! It reminds me one game when I was a child!

Interesting, I didn't know about it... It is good to know!

Thanks for your support!

Thanks for your reply.

It is strange and I cannot reproduce it in my computer. I have tested the game with Nintendo Switch Pro, Xbox and PS controller without any issue.

Can you connect your gamepad via USB cable and check if the problem persist?

Thanks again!

This could be a bug... I cannot reproduce it. Which gamepad are you using?

No, you can beat it 🤣

Practice and you will reach the final 😉

Thanks for playing!

Of course! I will check it!

Great game! I had fun with it!!

I love the graphics and mechanics. The light effect by the torchs are awesome!

The controls are a bit rude but I supose this is intentional, acording legacy games.

Added to my collection! I will stay tuned!

Wow great to know! Thanks again for your time to play and test the demo :) I appreciate it!

Great! I can't understand what is wrong with shooting up-left. It seems to work. Please, follow me on Twitter to talk about it :)


Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks for your feedback! I will consider your suggestions! :)

Next step in my roadmap is to create a Steam Page ;)

Very cool game! Really funny and a lot of tension :D

Great game!! A lot of tension!!! :D

Thanks! You rocks! :)

Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate your comment.

You are right, the player needs to be refined :) I have no clear what I want for her, so I continue with other big issues like development and background/layers design. It's too much work for a solo indie game developer, but I have fun a lot with it :D

Thanks again and enjoy the next update!

Thanks!!! Improvements incoming soon :)

wow the OST is amazing! The graphics also looks awesome! Great job! :)

Love this game! The graphics, sounds and gameplay is great :)

Thanks! Right now its only playable on browser, mobile and tablet.

Very nice job! Love the minimap!!!!! Graphics and sounds are also amazing!

Hard work! Thank you!

Thanks for your feedback!

And also thanks for the detected bug, I will try to fix in next version :)

Thanks for your comment! I apreciate it <3

Your feedback is very important for me :)

Me encanta Señor Ray. Me encantan los graficos, la musica, el ritmo del juevo, ... TODO

Te ha quedado tan espectacular que ojala saliera en físico para comprarlo y tenerlo en la estanteria.

No way ... Yet xD Thanks for the feedback :) I will upgrade every week with new features, graphics, ...

I develope with Phaser 3. Super Metroid is my inspiration for Sugamenia :) Love this game <3

Thanks for your feedback!

Amazing graphics! Really enjoy the game :)

And... done :)

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Nice feedback. Working on it!

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Pink doors are not operative in the prototype. Brown blocks can be destroyed with missiles after defeating first boss ;)