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Only just seen this reply, thanks for playing :)

I've only just read this update and have been working late into the night! 1:41am here and just having a final run through before submitting and then going to bed.

Will check back to play through other submissions during the next few days ^_^

Same question!

I'm in the UK and read the submission time to originally to be 7pm (GMT) rather than 7am (GMT)! I've scheduled the whole day to finalize our submission!


Oooh 4 days left. Going to put in a good amount of time tomorrow and over the weekend. :D :D

We're on the home stretch now, what we have is playable, it's not pretty at the moment but does the job :D Looking forward to sharing and also seeing what other people submit.

Hi all,  this is the first gamejam that I've been a part of and the people I'm working with are doing some great work. Our submission is in Source Engine, using HL2,  EP1 and EP2 assets and we'll at least have *something* to submit at the deadline that is playable, so general confidence is relatively high at the moment.

I've seen over the last few weeks that the number of participants have grown to 14 now which is great. I'm looking forward to playing through what other people submit come the end of the month. So how's everyone else progressing on this GameJam?