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you highlighted the window.

Maybe he meant iOS

I unlocked it just fine, i planted the seeds and then went to go back later to check on the plants and it crashed

why did comments get removed?

clicked on the greenhouse and my game froze. (web version)



la creatura

Beautiful game. Art is beautiful and the story is even better. Almost cried when I thought I got the bad ending.

god. god damn, this game. praise you and your team for this, i love everything. I was damn scared i got the bad ending but I somehow got the good one, I felt like a nervous wreck past the start of the fight. Felt like I had been in one spot for hours

holy shit peacock got the biggest goddamn nerf. 
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guess this ant doesn't exist

When I make my character and press play it just loads forever.


i am. unbelievably jealous

oh, yeah it worked! thank you!


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The game is unplayable. you spawn in a room and you can't do anything. im so confused about the other comments about the game being "good" considering you don't have anything to do except for stare at a wall.

Edit: nevermind i had to press the E key. sorry!

yeah the power goes down WAY too fast

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it says, my browser doesn't support WebGL when i run the game. I'm on Chromebook and I've been playing this game for like the past year. 

Any ideas?

EDIT: I updated my Chromebook and it worked. 

oh ok! thank you! 

also jeez the neglecting them until they get forcefully taken away-

lol thats just a glitch with the website. y'know the links to the right of your screen? 

"View all by [game creator]"

"Follow [game creator]'

"Add to collection"


there's like an invisible barrier there so when you click the laser drill your mouse is actually clicking the "invisible barrier"

really great game! although how do you use the dev console? and how can you get rid of slimes?

Really good game. Wish it was longer and there were more items though.

could you make a web version??

hey it says not to post full custom item codes in the comments

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could you do the Jevil Battle?

also, nice touch! I see you added the [[Big Shot]] spam thing

chromebook moment :(

ooooh nice

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also, this is a really great game! I have gotten 7/7 undefined pieces around, 4-5 times? I really love this story right now.

honestly was not expecting this

is good game.

it still didn't do anything, it turned on caps but it didn't open shop

Hey uh quick question, what was the hospital website?

Is good game, hope to see more updates