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Gaz Marshall

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Thanks bud

Thanks buddy, glad you enjoyed it 👍☺️

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That's some collection, hope your enjoying the new version ☺️


Thanks, very much appreciated!👍😊

Does POKE 8300,0 help? In Fuse once game has started, you can go to the drop down menu MACHINE, then POKE MEMORY.  Bank 2 Address 8300 Value 0, Click ADD then OK. When back in game, get killed and lives should be 255.

I hope you enjoy it 👍😉

Thanks ☺️

Thanks 😊

Baku-Baku theme:

Minecraft theme:

Jewels theme:

Works pefectly!👍😊

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Great game bud! Here's a theme too!👍😉

Just fantastic!!

Energy bar added to make the game a bit easier just now

No problem I can look at changing the graphics slightly so you can see the definitive edge to the collision 👍 😉

Thanks buddy!👍😉

Great game!👍😉

Thanks buddy! ;)

I know, but at least it's pretty much finished now as a fully functional game with 20 levels! :)

Now updated with 10 extra levels!!

It is a tricky game! Thanks very much, you can always get MPAGD and have go yourself. I'm always about to lend a hand ;)